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It was surprising to me when I read that Native American women experience the highest rate of violence among any other racial group. I always thought Native people were so peaceful and calm. However I then read that most of the violence towards them are from another race. It was shocking to learn that ¾'s of Native American women have experienced some kind ...view middle of the document...

It feels like there is nothing I can do. I don't even know where Natives live. However, there are people that know; such as the police. But we must stop and wonder if they really care. How can they ignore the cries for help from these women? If it were in their town they would come quickly. They haven't been trained to deal with issues for Natives. There is alleged confusion between federal and tribal jurisdiction, so just because of this they don't feel like helping out these human beings. It is also unfair that when a woman gets beater and chooses to leave her husband the chance is very great that the child will end up with the father because of trial support. I feel this is very unfair and leaves abused mothers with little choice than to stay with their husbands. There is a great need for the change in our minds and hearts. Awareness is not enough action is the key to solving this among other problems in this world.


Female Genital Mutilation "Long Term Psychological Effects"

2270 words - 10 pages supposed to do regarding this matter. According to an article in the Real Net Access, "Women have been persuaded to see their sexual impulses in terms that suit men.... man's pleasure is paramount and women are merely vehicles for procuring this enjoyment."(Real Net, 2). Thus, the husband entails what should be done and what shouldn't, according to his preferences. So, it is only when and how the husband needs; the wife here is reduced to nothing but

Suicide prevention risks and assesments - Psychology - Essay

647 words - 3 pages 1. The journal article I chose that depicts suicide prevention is “Connectedness as a strategic direction for the prevention of suicidal behavior”. This article is part of a suicide prevention series called “ASAP” that is partnered with centers of disease control and prevention and the substance abuse and mental health service administration. The purpose of the project is to strengthen suicide prevention practices. 2. Losing your sense of

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1067 words - 5 pages to raise their own (Hanson, 2008). To make matters worse, the fact many experienced abuse during their formative years laid the foundation for the epidemic we see today of abuse and violence against Aboriginal women and children. In addition to this, Native Americans now experience high substance abuse and suicides rates, with nearly 40 percent of deaths in Native Americans aged 11-40 caused by self inflicted injuries (McCreary, 2013). The absence

How the Beauty Industry Failed Women of Color - Binghamton University, Media and Politics - Essay

4211 words - 17 pages genuinely have no interest in profiting off of that $7.5 billion dollars a year? This ignorance can also be blamed on a lack of understanding. A report done by the American Chemical Society revealed that 80% of its members were white and only 2% being African American. Other people of color such as Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans made up about 14% combined (American Chemical Society, 2014). The point of this study was to compile data on women

Domestic Violence and its Effects upon Children - Qualitative Research - Research Paper

2155 words - 9 pages the effects on the child that is witnessing the abuse. Working with Women and Children Experiencing Domestic Violence In this article Kathleen Baird talks about how domestic violence affects women and children. One alarming statistic she mentioned is that 520,000 people die per year because of domestic violence. (Baird) Baird also acknowledges that even though domestic violence can be enacted upon men as well as women, because women are more

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821 words - 4 pages bring more jobs than they occupy. An example of this is how many schools like Allied Health Institute and CAN institute are opened by Nigerians, which in turn employ native Americans. All in all, immigrants bring more jobs than they occupy. Also, immigrants reduce the job competition, in such a way that American natives benefit from immigrants’ work but would not have to compete with immigrants for work. According to the famous analyst, Kimberly

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1666 words - 7 pages possible way. A newspaper prints an article saying, “Indignation rose to white heat last night as the news of the Negro’s rape and murder of the missing heiress spread throughout the city” (Wright 243). A common stereotype about African Americans during segregation was that they couldn’t control themselves around white women, and were prone to sexually assault them. The news jumped to this conclusion in ​Native Son​ and created an identity for

How big is alcohol abuse in the college world and what can we do to change that - composition - Essay

929 words - 4 pages Kevin Rivera INTD 110 Alcohol Abuse Alcohol abuse is a big issue in the college world and in the real world. Alcohol consumption happens in the age of 18-24 and in the real world it happens in the age of 12-54. Binge drinking happens a lot more in college life because its considered part of a culture, to which it has increased over the years. It all starts in the first 6 weeks of classes, because many students try to fit on or make friends and

Critical Review of The Meanings of Lesbian and Gay Pride Day - Research - Review

1745 words - 7 pages represents – notably those identifying as lesbian women and transgender. It would also have been useful for the authors to include research from members of the heterosexual community who attend the event, in order to compare and contrast their opinions. However, effort was made to include different ethnic backgrounds, including black, Southeast Asian and Native North American. In addition, although the article states that the data was treated as text

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1602 words - 7 pages discusses the contrast between the two girls. She discusses Meredith’s personality as ‘warm’, that she was ‘bright’, ‘courteous’ and chatty’ and Amanda’s as ‘ice cold’. It then goes on to discuss how Kercher would never engage in ‘casual sex’ or ‘illegal drug abuse like her fellow student. The article discusses its bias beliefs on how they feel that women should behave, that they should be smiley and friendly and if they didn’t behave this way

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1175 words - 5 pages alters their future outlook in life. Even though it may not seem like it, forcing little girls to put on heaps of makeup and wear uncomfortable, heavy dresses for hours at a time serves as a form of abuse to these girls. Their mothers might also choose to live their dreams out through their daughters, causing them stress and working them until they physically are unable to. Most beauty pageants are for women, and the idea of lowering the age for

Family Violence

2591 words - 11 pages weight babies, perinatal deaths, sexually transmitted diseases, Central nervous system disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, and heart or circulatory disorders. Victims can also experience symptoms of posttraumatic stress syndrome such as emotional detachment, sleep problems, and flashbacks. Women with a history of violence have a higher risk of alcoholism, substance abuse and suicide attempts. They also tend to have unhealthy diet behaviors and

Gender role and lessons played in Lanval - English 201 - research paper

964 words - 4 pages along with the queen’s desires but instead he decided not to because it was not his character. To continue, the story introduced us to abuse of power and manipulation during the queen’s plan to get at Lanval. After Lanval rejected her request of her love, she insulted him by claiming he is a homosexual. According to Galbi’s article, “that’s a classic shaming tactic that women use to manipulate, silence, and subordinate men.” He then declared his

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1978 words - 8 pages Free inmates and this creates a culture where the abuse of prisoners is not only allowed but encouraged as well. As well as the lack of accountability for prisoners and guards’ actions prisoners’ basic constitutional rights are violated routinely by the US Prison system. First, addressing the issues of guards’ actions against prisoners these violations include, torture, use of unnecessary force, and unjust punishment. For example, an article discussing

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2017 words - 9 pages damage. As many people consume alcohol most people do not understand that risk you are doing to your body. For example, multiple studies have shown an increased risk of breast cancer for women who drink even as little as one glass of alcohol per day, leading some researchers to conclude that when it comes to breast cancer, any level of consumption can be considered unsafe (Ohlson). In the article “Alcohol in Moderation: How Many Drinks Is That