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Jenna HeckerTimed writingJournalism 111/17/04NEW PALTZ- Shots were fired early Thursday morning in downtown New Paltz, leaving two police officers injured. Police identified the shooter as Tom Bozydaj, 30,of New Paltz. Bozydaj fired more than 50 rounds of shots in the area surrounding Main St. and Route 32 before being apprehended by officers. Officers were dispatched to the area when, at 3am, 911 calls came from residents of Route 32 north, reporting very loud gunshots. Upon entering the scene, police learned the suspect was shooting an AK-47 assault rifle."After the first three or four calls the 911 center was inundated with calls as the suspect continued up and down Main Street shooting" said Captain Harry VanVliet of the Ulster cou ...view middle of the document...

"Deputy Jeffery Queipo was shot in the hand while trying to convince curious local residents to return inside. When Queipo turned his back towards the suspect, Bozydaj shot approximately ten rounds at the officer, from behind a fence nearly 60 yards away."Deputy Queipo was transported to St Francis hospital where he's being evaluated at the emergency room," said VanVleet. "An assault rifle makes a lot of noise, there were actually civilians outside holding coffee cups. Deputy Queipo was attempting to convince residents to return inside when he caught a round in the arm. This was actually the first time I recall an officer being injured by gunfire while trying to assist civilians."Deputy Stuart McKenzie was injured while diving onto the pavement in an attempt to find cover, and administer first aid to Deputy Queipo.The shooter was apprehended as he aimed for injured Officer McKenzie. Officer Robert Knoth of the New Paltz police department was able to get himself into a position where he had an advantage over the shooter. Knoth demanded he drop his weapon, and the shooter was taken into custody.Police officers determined the Bozydaj was specifically targeting cops. This is the only motivation they've identified, while Bozydaj continues to be interviewed by detectives. The shooter gave a detailed confession, illustrating his motivation for the crime and his intent to target and kill police officers, whom he views as symbols of oppressive government authority.The area was secured, as police and detective teams searched for other shooters, but the investigation later showed the defendant acted alone. Bozydaj was taken to Ulster County Jail on numerous felonies including Attempted Murder of a Police Officer.


Satire Based On A Conditioning, In Brave New World

613 words - 3 pages Where am I?Dita woke up from what felt like an eternity of horrid dreams. Cold sweat ran down her face as she pulled the covers over her moist flesh. The screeching of a record player could be heard in the distance. The memories of the dreams drifted away slowly as Dita got out of bed. She put on a pair of slippers. They had never been worn. The whole room around her looked a bit strange, but familiar. In fact, she could not remember anything

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575 words - 3 pages to think of improvements in the enterprise for the future. Timeliness To be relevant, one must have timely information. If the information to resolve an issue in a company is not given within the expected time, then it becomes useless. In other words, is the business on top of the issues in the company? and if they are how fast do they act upon it. Timeliness can either be good or bad to a company. You can decide on a decision quickly but the

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433 words - 2 pages Free bipolar disorder experience episodes of mania, as well as depression, or only manic episodes. The distinction between the two has been evidenced in things such as different responses to medication and concurrence in twins. Psychological testing may be another way in which the disorders can be discriminated. Previous research has found the responses given between the polar groups are different on the Rorschach test. Research cited in the article

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464 words - 2 pages Free managers which rely too much on the planning. It is impossible to predict most of the events in the following months, weeks or even days so it is almost impossible to plan specific actions based on the information gathered at the time the plan was created. Of course strategic planning is important but only to some degree and managers should use it in a limited manner.

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2465 words - 10 pages was also his lover. However if his students were even slightly similar to Heloise, then we could argue that the 'new intellectual' was far removed from Guibert. We must remember that Abelard was an exceptional mind of the time, a true super-star on the stage of Western Europe and as such it is hard to argue that he was typical of all intellectuals, let alone all people, in the twelfth century. Abelard's tomb inscription reads: 'He alone knows what

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607 words - 3 pages ] peas the size of beets..." (106). This has come true to some extent; we can now genetically engineer fruits to suit our needs, or even splice different genes and make new fruits.However, the article does generalize too often. It states that "the visionaries predicted a benevolent bureaucracy on an unprecedented scale". Those "visionaries" were obviously American or European. During that particular time the industrial revolution was strong and

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710 words - 3 pages 1587, Day 1We arrived today on the island of Roanoke. Queen Elizabeth of England had sent us over here to start a colony in the new world. There were about one hundred and twenty people on board that tiny vessel consisting of men, women, and children. I am very happy to make it onto land after so long on the water in a crowded ship. The land is dense with forests, and the bodies of water that surround us are beautiful. John White has been named

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896 words - 4 pages the capability for more than one player to be on the vehicle at once, which many other games have not been able to do yet. Since this is a shooting game, you also need medical equipment, which they have added. In this game mode, you have one hundred and fifty health to start with. If you are shot, then you will lose your health, little by little. Different guns deal more damage. For example, a sniper would deal almost triple the damage that a

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558 words - 3 pages on the most recent meeting they had five weeks ago.-------- now attends (HS Name) High School and their Special Education Program is a new implemented program. The Special Ed students are not completely mainstreamed. Currently, ***** is not sure how exactly she feels about the current program that -------- is placed in since it is the first time -------- is mainstreamed since preschool. She is not even sure how the district will respond to this

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1004 words - 5 pages Tom Robinson. Growing up in a privileged and educated family, the Finch children’s unbiased view on the world is sculpted with open mindedness, unlike many others in the town of Maycomb. Atticus teaches them to respect everyone, despite their wealth or race. When Atticus gives the children air-rifles for Christmas, he refuses to teach the children to shoot and instructs them to never kill a mockingbird. When the confused children turn to their

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866 words - 4 pages the novel, when she tells her to “make something decent of [her]self – break the mould.” The metaphor ‘break the mould’ suggests that Andrea is restricted; perhaps by the home environment she lives on, or the school she goes to, or even her social class. Andrea’s grandmother encourages her to break free of this to guarantee a future for herself, so she will no longer be stuck in a helpless confine. This could relate to the issue of social class at the time of the novel, as lower class people were treated very differently in social situations, and for example when attempting to get a job.

Essay on the involvement of a message in society - English 101 - Reaserch

1762 words - 8 pages distribution of drugs and had happened to get caught and prosecuted and sent to prison. In addition, that out of a lot of drug cases in hat specific 75 percent of them happened to involve illegal immigrants. Nevertheless, not all undocumented immigrants are involved in the drug situation but in the actual welfare and benefaction of the United States. According to “Do Illegal Immigrants Actually Hurt the U.S. Economy?” on NY Times website, an economist named