Article Summary Medical Geography - Cuyahoga Community College Physical Geography - Assignment

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Aaron Jenkins
ESCI 1310
Professor Davis
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June 8, 2019
Medical Geography: 3 Article Summary
This assignment consisted of three articles all concerning the sub-discipline of Medical geography.
The first of the three I will talk about is from the web page ThoughtCo.; and is entitled Medical
Geography A History and Overview of Medical Geography, by Amanda Briney. The title provides an
accurate claim of what this article contains and was a great way to introduce this discipline in laymen’s
terms. This article touches on the historic roots of the subfield of geography and touches on the efforts
of the ancient Greeks’ during physician Hippocrates’ era (5th-4th centuries BCE), to begin to understand
things like the spatial distribution of disease (Briney, 2017). This article goes on to describe how Medical
geography has evolved, as well as providing specific instances in which Medical geography had a key role
in saving lives. The article also talks about how diseases are monitored now and some of the agencies
that are responsible for compiling this data and how it is used to control the spread of these diseases.
Although brief, this article is a great way to introduce this Medical Geography to someone who is
unfamiliar with this subject.
The second article is by The World Health Organization and is entitled: Ambient (outdoor) air quality
and health. This article was compiled by the world health organization and talks mainly about air
pollutants and the effects these pollutants have on people; this includes statistics regarding mortality
rates because of air pollution. According to this article, 4.2 million people died of premature deaths
worldwide in 2016, due to outdoor air pollution (World Health Organization, n.d.). Also, the article
breaks down certain types of air pollutants and how they may affect people. These pollutants are
directly linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma, and even more grim realities. In addition to
these unfortunate statistics, this article offers some hope and details some of the efforts regarding
reducing air pollution and possible solutions to these problems which is clearly very severe after seeing
the disadvantage many of Earth’s people are facing. Some of these options include better urban
planning, bio fuels and better ways of handling industrial and agricultural waste. (World Hea...

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