Artificial Intelligence And Mind Exploration Ewu Tech 393 Essay

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Chase Reed
TECH 393 Technology in World Civilization
May 16, 2019
Project 3
In college homework becomes an everyday part of life. It’s expected that for every hour in class a person should spend two outside working on either homework or studying for that class. If person is taking three classes then this would amount to 6 hours of work every day, and 30 hours a week, not including class time. Class time plus expected study/homework time would amount to more hours in a week than a full-time job. A solution to reduce the workload of students could be using a progressing field of technology, artificial intelligence. With advanced enough artificial intelligence, it could be possible for a person to enter a prompt into some system and have a paper delivered back which would receive a better score than most people would expect to see when grades come back to them. Artificial intelligence at an advanced level would also help with many other mundane tasks. At a basic level it’s already been proven to be better at performing tasks such as driving, with an even lower accident rate than is seen with human drivers. Advanced artificial intelligence, however, would eliminate many jobs that working class people rely on such as truck drivers, warehouse workers (such as in Alibaba warehouses), delivery drivers, and many others. Artificial intelligence is not viable for the current world’s economy because it would cause too many people to lose their jobs and make it more difficult for people to have a well-paying job without having college education, which isn’t available to everyone
Given unlimited funding I’d want to invent a pharmaceutical that would allow people to increase their fluid intelligence. Being able to increase one’s fluid intelligence would allow a person to better solve problems and use better logic. This would allow for mass education of the population if it was cheap and easy...


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