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Technology Paper
SCMS – 4510 – 001
Dr. Bradford Eichhorn
November 21, 2018
Artificial Intelligence
Key Definitions of AI
In our everyday lives the growing abilities and applications of computer is expanding drastically, and the role of computers has been inverted. At the beginning computers role was only to understand what humans programmed it to understand and do; however, today we are learning more and more from computers than they are able to input into it. So, what is Artificial Intelligence? AI has become a big controversy by those who fear that it will evolve in ways that can only cause danger to us, while others believe it can improve our communities in ways that we can’t. AI has many definitions depending on its entity that provides the definition, but all come from the same foundation that is the same. Personally, AI can improve our communities in many ways, but at the same time it can cause more problems than good in our society.
AI is everywhere today, and with how everything works today it is impossible to for us to go without computers. Things we use every day that can make our lives very easy such as cars, airplanes, ATMs and some entertainments such as TVs, phones, and electronic games all that contains games. So, for those things to make our lives easier and more accessible computers and their software have to become more intelligent. For example, Alibaba is a Chinses multinational conglomerate specializing in e-commerce, retail, internet, AI, and technology. It is a C to C, B to C, and B to B sales service via web portals and the list goes on of many other things, recently Alibaba announced that it will be using AI to power the future of business, it is using a range of AI research and imitative in a bid to make it easy to do business everywhere and anywhere, for example, AliMe is a chatbot that Alibaba developed that can understand what people say both in terms of text and speech, so it can respond to you in a num...



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