Artificial Intelligence Research James Hargest Research Paper

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Alec Hopwood
Question 1:What are the negative effects Artificial Intelligence could have on the world?
Based on these sources I believe the perceived negative futures and outcomes of artificial intelligence are straight out of a science fiction movie. This is because when most people hear the word AI they think of scary robots with red eyes which is a misconceived stigma that surrounds AI. People tend to be afraid of the unknown and fear tends to sell these negative views of AI which have spread like wildfire. Multiple sources suggest that an impact of AI is the increase automation within industries which removes the need for human operation of machinery. I can understand the fear of losing jobs and financial security, strong evidence from the white house study suggests up to 47% of jobs in the next decade will be automated. However one solution outlined by Douglas Eldridge is that even more jobs will be created from the mainstream application of artificial intelligence within various industries. People have always had to adjust and upskill whenever new technological advancements were made and this will be the same for AI. For example, when automobiles became a common item for families many horse carriage drivers would have had to find new jobs. This is a perfect example of how individuals can adapt to workplace change. To conclude the ability to change professions means people will be able to cope with the increased use of artificial intelligence within the workforce. Ultimately as technology advances jobs come and go however artificial intelligence could possibly be humanity's greatest achievement and has the greatest unknown around it. Those who embrace artificial intelligence will get ahead while those who focus on the perceived negative outcomes will be left behind.
Question 2: What are the positive effects Artificial Intelligence could have on the world?
Based on my research artificial intelligence is not something that should be feared by the public. From my sources I have found out that In daily life 63% of people use AI without even realising it. For example, Alexa and Siri have made it easy to find restaurants, set alarms and stream music. AI has made a positive impact on how we live our lives by completing simple tasks allowing for more time to be spent on complex tasks or spent with family and friends. Another positive impact of artificial intelligence is the ability for people to be more purposeful within the workforce. Data from several sources indicates millions would lose jobs without AI. This is because simple repetitive jobs can be automated easily for example in america there are millions of truck drivers with the comings of self driving cars millions will lose jobs however this will lower risks of accidents and if there is the driver will not be hurt another positive of this is more people can focus on purposeful work that relies on the human brain's ability to handle ambiguity which a machine cannot. W...


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