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Nicholas Ronza
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Artist Statement
For my creative project I chose to create a fake Facebook page posing as Carrie. Although Carrie was an antisocial type of character that didn’t have many friends, I believed it would be unique to show what she could have acted like on a social media platform. The novel Carrie, was published in 1974, way before social media was even prevalent, but as a person that lives in a very social media savvy era I knew what lingos and slang words could be used to fit what type of posts Carrie would be making on her Facebook timeline.
Firstly, I constructed an info page where it showed anything from her hometown to her favorite book. The reason I decided to add an info page into the Facebook profile is to show that even the people that didn’t read the book Carrie, they would have a minimalized idea of what type of character she is. On the info page, I showed her current town she is living in which is Chamberlin, her sex, relationship status, employer, religion, etc. These were the main categories that are added on the info tab on a typical Facebook profile. I also added a profile picture of Carrie from the 1976 movie to give a good visual representation of what Carrie might have looked like. The info page is a necessity in ever Facebook profile, it gives a brief description of the person you might be friends with.
Secondly, I created two pages that included posts that Carrie might have posted if she had a Facebook. Even though it is only two pages of Facebook posts I felt like it was enough because Carrie was a reserved type of person and I didn’t believe she would be posting as much as a typical person might on social media. I tried to make the layout of the posts look like a replica of what an actual Facebook timeline would look like. I added a profile picture by every post, the l...


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