Artwork Critique Name Of Artwork : Days Without End Artist : Frank Cassara - World History - Essay

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Name of artwork : ​​Days Without End
Artist​​ : Frank Cassara
Date work was created/published/distributed​​ : 1937
Description of work : ​​The appearance of the art looks very depressing and dejected by the use
of colors, and the expressions on the characters faces. In this piece of artwork there are three men
who are working and drilling into the ground. Every man is wearing different clothing and has
different or similar tools. The first man is drilling into the ground with a drill that is not
connected to any type of energy source that can make the drill start operating. The second man
stands right behind the first and uses a pole to source into the ground while the third man stands
behind him drilling a wireless drill into the ground. In this painting you can see that the men are
behind a wall that has only one opening where the sunlight comes in. Behind the wall is a
darkish blue, cloudy sky that provides the little bit of daylight that hits the workers. The artist
uses colors like tan, black, and dark blue, brown and orange that are very dull and not very
vibrant to look at it. He especially uses these colors on the the working men’s faces and clothes
as well as in the background and floor. Cassara has a very unique style in which he uses social
realism to bring light to working class conditions as which he did in this painting. The size of the
actual painting is 20 1/4 x 16 1/8 in. (51.4 x 41.0 cm) and uses the medium of oil on the canvas.
The artistic movement behind it is supposed to make people get a feel to how everyday working
lower class people are working all day to get a low paying profit.
Reaction to the work :​​ My initial reaction to the work was very mournful and in awe of what
the artist was portraying throughout the picture. This reaction did not change over time it only
got worse because workers were still getting low wages and not being treated with the best care
or respect for what they do. I do think this is the reaction the artist intended to provoke because
Cassara want to raise awareness on the working class and their conditions. I choose this work of
art because I felt as if the workers in the picture where working but was not happy of what they
were doing with themselves. I as though really felt that I could relate to this picture in many
ways. The very first man that ...

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