How To Develop A Bioengineering Argumentative Essay Using Toulmin Technology

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Khoa Tran
Professor Maat Andrew
English 1302
April 2, 2018
Toulmin Technology
The Toulmin technology is a method that was developed by Stephen Toulmin with the aim of analyzing arguments. Stephen came up with very clear elements of the method that helps the students to write argumentative essays by making use of these elements (Hitchcock NP). The method of making arguments usually work well in situations when there is no evidence of solutions to the problem at hand and when there are no clear truths regarding the problem. The elements used in this-this method usually help both the reader and the writer of the analysis. These elements help in both understanding the arguments and also determining the validity of the argument. The elements ensure that the entire audience gets to understand the validity of the claims regarding the argument. Among the elements includes, claims, grounds, warrants, backing, qualifier, and rebuttal. This method, for example, is important in analyzing some of the arguments about bioengineering. Toulmin technology is an important tool in developing a bioengineering argumentative essay since it helps in identifying the main claims about the topic and also helps in providing the general grounds that will help in building upon the topic.
Bioengineering is a field that most of the people consider being very difficult and confusing. Besides the concept behind bioengineering, the word by itself is so difficult to conceptualize. The type of engineering cannot even be compared to either chemical engineering or electrical engineering. Bioengineering is unique by the fact that it applies the principles of engineering to life itself (Aurrekoetxea, Maitane 289). This is opposed by many people since they don’t quite understand what it is all about and hence developing so many arguments. Bioengineering is mainly involved in genetic testing, tissue regeneration, stem cell research, micromachines and robotics. People often argue against these activities especially the idea behind stem cells by stating that they are ideally unethical.
The major argument that people often rise against bioengineering is that people should never take up the role of God. The idea of developing transgenic animals which are animals that have specific genetic qualities is an idea that has been greatly opposed. These animals are usually developed based on the attributes that are desired and to facilitate the study of those specific attributes (Pedemonte 110). For instance, an oncomouse was developed in the Harvard University. By developing this transgenic mouse, the scientists aimed at developing a mouse that would be prone to the development of cancer. Many people opposed this development since they felt that there should never be a development of terminally ill organisms.
Besides this, the second main concern regarding bioengineering is mainly behind the idea of eugenics. Eugenics basically refers to the study of the possibility that human bei...


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