Asignment Disscussing Issues About The Future Of The World - Harvard Law School - Assessment

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DATE OF TASK:  Monday, Week 7, Term 1
TASK FORMAT: Research Task
4.3 Describes and assesses the motives and actions of past individuals and groups in the context of past societies
4.7 Identifies and describes different contexts, perspectives and interpretations of the past
4.8 Locates, selects and organises information from sources to develop an historical enquiry
4.10 Selects and uses appropriate oral, written, visual and digital forms to communicate about the past.
TASK DESCRIPTION: There are two compulsory parts.
PART A: Research-Based short responses. (10 marks)
PART B: In-class report (20 marks)
· Handwrite your responses neatly in the spaces provided.
· Clearly label your work with your name and class.
· No plastic sleeves, please. Hand Part A to your teacher on the due date.
· Answer Part A only at home. Part B will be answered in class.
· Check your diary (p32) for tips on referencing.
· Late, over-length and messy submissions will be penalised.
· Technology failure is NOT an excuse for lateness.
Choose and research ONE of the battles listed below.
Battles to choose from:
· Agincourt (1415)
· Bosworth Field (1485)
· Crécy (1346)
· Hastings (1066)
· Bannockburn (1314)
· Poitiers (1356)
Part A is to be done as preparation and you may bring it into the exam.
Part B will be completed in class.
You must answer ALL of the following questions on the scaffold provided:
1. Where and when was the battle fought? (2 marks)
2. Who fought and commanded the battle? (2 marks)
3. Why was the battle fought? (2 marks)
4. What weapons and tactics were employed in the battle? (2 marks)
5. Who won the battle and why? (2 marks)
6. Select TWO sources about your battle to use in the in-class activity. Your sources must be no more than 100 words each (or equivalent if they’re visual).
SUBMIT: Your completed research scaffold. You will bring this into the exam and submit it at the end.
These questions will be answered in class on the due date. You may bring your research scaffold into the exam.
1. Briefly outline your chosen battle. (5 Marks). In your response:
· Outline who, what, when, where, how and why.
· Write about 1 paragraph.
2. With reference to your TWO sources, explain the importance of warfare in Medieval Europe. (15 Marks). In your response, you may wish to write about:
· Which groups of people were involved in military things and how often
· How the social structure was set up to provide a military force
· How technology or tactics developed over time
· What happened to/for veterans
· How towns and cities were built to protect against war
· How warfare affected women and children
PART A BATTLE BASICS Research Scaffold 10 marks
Bring this page with you to the exam....

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