Asn Advance Shipping Notification Master Essay

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Functional Specification - Interface
Date: 12 August 2018
Zoetis StreamLink Project
Functional Specification – Interface
ZIDS0070_GAP0069_M2D_Outbound ASN to Customers
Author: Venkatanaidu Pemmasani
Last Revision Date: 09-August-2018
Date Created: 09-August-2018
Date Printed: 09-August-2018
Version: 0.3
Document Control
Document Reference
PDD_M2D_Outbound Shipping Process
Business Area
M2D (Integration point with O2C)
FS Definition Form ID
SAP System
ECC 6.0
Release : Global / Market / Plant
Release 1/Global
Process Definition Document Reference (PDD)
PDD_M2D_Outbound Shipping Process
PDD Step Reference
Functional Requirement reference w/ Unique ID # from the PDD
RS_M2D_OBD_ ASN_0013
Approval and Distribution
Approved by
Process Team Lead - Zoetis
Josh Wright
M2D - LO
Process Team Lead - IBM
Joe Roti
M2D - LO
BT Lead – Zoetis
Bikram Sidhu
M2D - BT
App Dev Lead
Middleware Representative
Pyeddu Rama
Validation Representative
Revision History
Revision date
Previous revision date
Summary of Changes
Changes marked
Initial Draft
Juliana Lindner
Update Global Fields of ASN
Venkatanaidu Pemmasani
Table of Contents
1 Interface Tracking 4
1.1 Interface Classification 4
2 Interface Functionality Requirements 5
2.1 Description 5
2.2 Business Justification 5
2.3 Data Filter Rules 5
2.4 Other Business Rules 5
2.5 Process Flow / Data Flow 5
2.6 Assumptions 6
2.7 Constraints 6
2.8 Out of Scope 6
3 Interface Data Requirements 6
3.1 Source Interface Data Layout 6
3.2 Target Interface Data Layout 7
3.3 Source / Target Data Mapping 8
3.4 Special Case: Bi-Directional Real-Time Interface 8
3.5 Sample Data 8
3.6 Data Retention 8
4 SAP Requirements 9
4.1 Interface Trigger in SAP and/or Middleware 9
4.2 SAP Transaction 9
4.3 ALE and IDoc Specific Information (If any) 9
4.4 SAP Scheduling / Performance Requirements / Service Level Agreement 9
4.5 SAP Special Requirements 10
4.6 Custom Tables / Structure in SAP 10
5 M/W solution (if applicable) 10
5.1 Middleware Solution 10
5.2 Mapping Rules & Conversion criteria 10
6 Legacy System Requirements 10
6.1 Legacy System Details 10
6.2 Interface Trigger on Legacy System 11
6.3 Legacy Scheduling / Performance Requirements / Service Level Agreement 12
6.4 Legacy Special Requirements 12
6.5 Legacy Initial Processing 12
7 Configuration and Dependencies 12
7.1 Conversion / Cutover / Other Project Tasks 12
7.2 Other Dependencies 12
8 Interface Controls 12
8.1 Completeness Control 12
8.2 Accuracy Control 13
8.3 Duplicate Records Control 13
8.4 Error Detection and Communication Control 13
8.5 Integrity of Data Transformation Control 14
8.6 Standard File Format Control 14
8.7 Interface Data Security 15
9 Compliance 15
9.1 Compliance Team Classification 15
9.2 Relevant Regulations 15
9.3 Other Regulatory Requirements 15
10 Miscellaneous Data Capture 16
10.1 Interface...

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