Aspirations In Life And The Things That Come With It Bsc English Essay

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My Goals and Objectives for the Next Four Years
“Without God, life has no purpose, and without purpose, life has no meaning.” -Rick Warren Over the next four years of my life I plan to fulfill my purpose by three main goals and objectives I’ve determined to achieve. The key start to discovering the meaning of my life is graduating from high school with honors. Having the opportunity to be accepted into a major university such as UCLA will definitely lead me into the right direction for a prosperous future. Just having the privilege to receive numerous scholarships will provide living proof that God is able and will help me on my educational journey.
Becoming a high school graduate of honors is my main priority because it’ll offer me many advantages college wise. I know with the support of my family members, members of St. Paul CME Church, my fellow Concert Choir members at Whitehaven High School, and my co-workers at the Memphis Ambassadors Program there’s nothing I can’t accomplish. With my great dedication and determination I’ll overcome all obstacles that are bound to come my way and achieve this goal by spring of 2015. I’ve participated in district meetings, Leadership Training School, Sunday school, Bible Study, St. Paul CME choir, and I’m also...

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