Assess The Success Of The Government Intervention Programs In The 1930s In The American Society - Modern History - Essay

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Assess the success of government intervention programs in the 1930s in American society 
The government intervention programs in the 1930s were deemed successful in American 
society as it resolved the main issues of the Great Depression. The American society 
witnessed issues as crime, chaos, anxiety, unemployment, falling wages and incomes, as well 
as hunger. During Hoover’s Republican presidency in the year 1929-1932, he not only failed to 
solve the social and economic problems of the Depression but also failed to ease the impact 
of the Depression or give hope to the people in his ability to solve the issue. It wasn’t until 
the following Democrat presidency of Franklin Roosevelt in the year 1933-1941 which saw an 
essential opposing result. Through Roosevelt’s actions, the success in resolving the social and 
economic problems of the Depression is visible by the restoration of the lost faith in American 
Hoover’s government intervention was unsuccessful in solving the problems of the Depression 
concering the economy and society. On 22 October 1928, Hoover presented the “Philosophy of 
Rugged Individualism” campaign speech. The term of “rugged individualism” is a term that 
indicates ​“the virtuous ideal where an individual is totally self-reliant and independent from 
outside assistance”(, 2019)​. Initially, Hoover thought the “rugged 
individualism” alone would be sufficient to overcome the Depression. Ultimately, Hoover 
failed to revive the financial crisis through his refusal to fund the movement. Consequently, 
by the end of 1932, ​“unemployment had reached astoundingly high levels of 22.5 per cent 
across the states”(Le Cornu, Bradbury and Carroll, 2018)​ and ​“ the decline of income by over 
40 per cent between 1929 and 1932 shocked America”(Le Cornu, Bradbury and Carroll, 2018). 
The situation only got worse with more businesses and bank declaring bankrupt, a decline in 
the economic activity and unemployment and despair increased. The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act 
of 1930 was Hoover’s only federal government intervention to overcome the Depression but it 
backfired severely, and the impact of the Depression affect the global economy and deepened 
America’s own crisis. From 1930, a second attempt on responding to the growing crisis, 
Hoover took the government intervention to unprecedented heights by providing public work 
programs at the Hoover Dam. Furthermore, Hoover attempt to gradually solve the problems 
of the Depressions were though initiatives such as the Agricultural Markets Act of 1929, the 
Revenue Act of 1932, which massively increased taxes on the rich, and the Reconstruction 
Finance Corporation of 1932. Overall, Hoover’s efforts weren’t enough to surpress the social 
and economic problems of the Depression. Hoover does have the ability to inspire people with 
lead to his failure to regain faith in American society. 
In contrast, the success of the government intervention of Franklin...

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