Assessment And Reporting Policy - Year 11 - Assessment

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POLICY; Assessment Reporting 2014
Assessment and Reporting Policy
Assessment guidelines
Why do we assess
Information provided to students
Students with special learning needs
Modification of the assessment outline/tasks
Student responsibility
Assessment practices and consequences
Completing the assessment program
Non - Completion of scheduled assessment tasks
Non - Completion of in-class assessment tasks
Out- of - class assessment task
Transfer between courses/units
Withdrawing from a course
Transfer from another school
Reviewing marks and grades
Appeal to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority
Reporting achievement
Retention and disposal of student work
Cheating, collusion and plagiarism
Statement of results
Assessment Guidelines
The following guidelines have been developed so that students and teachers are aware of their responsibilities in the assessment process. These guidelines are applicable to all students at Canning College.
As continuous, cumulative assessment has so much influence on the final results in each course it is important that students attend regularly, submit all assigned work on time and attempt all tests and examinations.
To comply with the spirit and intention of the Assessment Policy students should communicate with their teachers regarding any factors which may affect their performance during the course of the College year.
Students will be expected to complete a range of activities during their courses. These will be part of the necessary preparation for assessment. Assessment tasks should measure student achievement of knowledge and skills as defined by the syllabus.
For students enrolled in Year 12 Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and Western Australian Universities Foundation Program (WAUFP) courses, your Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (for WACE), or Combined Percentage Score (for WAUFP) is calculated 50% from College assessment and 50% from external examination. The College component of the score is accrued by a process of continuous assessment throughout the year. Teachers will participate in internal moderation exercises to ensure comparability between markers in any course.
In the case of other assessable courses such as Enabling, Flying Start, Short Courses, Diploma and Certificate courses offered at the College, final results are determined by the College. This assessment is derived from different assessment tasks, all of which contribute to your final result. The relative weighting of each of these tasks is shown on a course assessment outline.
Why Do We Assess?
All students need to complete assessment tasks as part of their learning. Assessment of learning provides important feedback to students and teachers about students’ progress and provides the platform for future learning aims. Assessment is also used by teachers to make decisions regard...

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