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This essay will look at the social work assessment process through the story of Angharad who is a single, retired primary teacher after years of independent living found herself reaching crisis point due to physical and mental health decline (The Open University, 2016a). An assessment to establish what services are needed to help Angharad is required, while her needs and views are kept at the centre so she feels empowered in her situation (SSSC, 2016a). I will show that multiagency working is necessary and beneficial to all giving a fuller picture of the service user and working alongside other professionals benefits the outcomes for the person involved. By sharing information and joint workings we are better placed in assessing the needs of the service user and therefore able to deliver better person-centred care (SSSC, 2016b). I will describe how good communication skills are used to build relationships rapport with the service user and professionals ensuring the best outcomes. Further to this I will look at the crisis intervention theory with regards Angharad’s need for intervention by outside agencies and how this theory applies to her situation along with some legislative material relating to this case.
As Angharad is at a point of crisis in her life I would apply Crisis Intervention theory, I think this is the best approach and the most effective in helping her back to a better place in her life. Crisis intervention theory is when the balance of stability and function in our lives is upset and the normal strategies used to cope are overwhelmed making us less able to deal with situations competently. Events can sometimes be foreseen although in Angharad’s case this was not so, until now she was living independently in supported accommodation. Now due to her physical and mental health decline her living arrangements are undergoing review as she may have to be placed in residential care. Her crisis began with the fall and her confused state, following this her health began to deteriorate steadily leaving her in what crisis intervention theory recognises as a vulnerable position, it also examines how social work services can negotiate supports. I will use this theory to establish how I can help Angharad get back to a better state of mind by assessing her needs and applying an action plan. I think crisis intervention theory shows that it is best applied to Angharad as the usual methods of coping with the tensions in her life are not working and the sense of equilibrium has been upset due to overwhelming change in circumstance which she is unable to process normally. At this stage of crisis, the need for help is ordinarily welcomed by the service user as they are willing to accept the support from social work services to enable them to improve their position (The Open University, 2016b).
Angharad is legally entitled to an assessment as the National Health Service and Community Care act 1990 states that anyone who appears to require any kind...


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