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Mycobacterium is a bacterium that is responsible for the airborne communicable disease known as Tuberculosis (TB) (World Health Organisation [WHO], 2016). In the year 2013 there were approximately 9 million new cases of Tuberculosis recorded as well as 1.5 million deaths accounted for by this disease globally. According to Kizza et al (2015) 80% of these new tuberculosis cases as well as 70% of the deaths occurred in low and middle class?? countries (WHO, 2014).
According to WHO (2014), South Africa was ranked third in the global burden of TB. This is so because in 2014 it had around 45 thousand new infections plus it caused 12% of deaths in the Country (National Department of Health (NDOH), 2014). In addition, there are disparities in the distribution of this infection as TB largely affects mine workers. Studies estimate the prevalence to be 87% which is 10 times higher in Ssouth African mine workers’ population than the general population (Hanifa et al, 2009). Furthermore, this high burden existing among these mine workers is further exacerbated by inadequate health care in mining communities, co-infection of TB like HIV and the rise in drug resistant TB (WHO, 2016). This project plan will target the population of miners in Gauteng, South Africa. Comment by Natasha Khamisa: Good!
Project rationale
The prevalence of tuberculosis in mines needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency as the mortality rate caused by TB in the mines is rapidly increasing. The rapid spread of tuberculosis in mines is increased by the overcrowding of mine workers in their hostels. According to an epidemiological research study conducted by Stuckler, Steele, Lurie and & Basu (2013) an estimate of 16 men can share a hostel room which results in a 27% increase in the risk of contracting tuberculosis thus it is important to improve the living conditions of mine workers. This purports to better the living and working conditions of mine workers because individuals are as healthy as the environment they reside in. Comment by Natasha Khamisa: Is this specific to Gauteng mine workers? Comment by Natasha Khamisa: Check your grammar and referencing
Mining companies have failed to integrate the care and education of tuberculosis into health services that are already existing. There are high quality hospitals that have been constructed by most mining companies but these hospitals have also failed to address the issue of education on tuberculosis prevention as well as tuberculosis care (Basu et al, 2009). This project will fill the gap of the lack of education on tuberculosis in the Gauteng Province mines. According to a research conducted by Bisallah et al (2018) in Nigeria the health education intervention improved the preventive practices concerning tuberculosis in Nigeria.


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