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I. Introduction
A. Hook/Background: Cell phones and now smartphones have become a significant part in the lives of teenagers and young adults.
B. Thesis: Cell Phones and by extension smartphones are dangerous to the growth and development of teenagers.
II. They are a risk to adolescent health.
A. A cause of death for young teenage drivers.
1. Not using cell phones leads to better attention, less crashes, and following the law while driving (Teen Driver Source).
2. Phones are a distraction that can lead to serious implications.
B. They are a source of concern for sleepers.
1. Phones emit blue light which prevents people from falling asleep (Sleep).
2. The lack of sleep would inevitably lead to a deterioration of health and a lack of energy.
C. One can become sick from cell phones.
1. There is research that cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats (TIME).
2. Since many do not clean their phones that often, harmful bacteria will always be a possible threat.
III. Risks to the mental health of teenagers.
A. Lack of human interaction.
1. A socialist stated technology was making us feel more and more isolated, even as it promised to make us more connected (Greater Good Magazine).
2. Phones make us less able to see others and that ruins the nature of human interaction.
B. Loss of attention and ability to do tasks.
1. Studies have shown that the mere presence of ones smartphone reduces available cognitive capacity and impairs cognitive functioning (ScienceDaily).
2. This means that the phone will distract people even when they believe that they are not being distracted.
C. Dependency.
1. A study showed that people giving up their phones had felt a sense of loss, or lessening, of their extended self (Forbes).
2. This showed how people became more reliant on phones that they become less capable of living without them.
IV. There might not be a problem at all.
A. Lack of evidence.
1. There is a lack of evidence that supports that smartphones causes serious mental health problems l...

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