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Talk Title: Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career
Speaker: Larry Smith
Date of Presentation: November 2011
Those trying to have good careers will fail because those good jobs are disappearing. He further mentions that there are great jobs and great careers but also the extremely demanding, blood sucking jobs. Larry mentions no matter how many times people say you must pursue your career and dreams and how many inspirational speakers you listen to, the message is never acted upon by individuals. This is usually because of fear of failure.
In the 1970’s just saying you’re competent was enough but in later years, it’s not.
Larry’s message focuses on individuals who make excuses for not pursuing their dreams and what their passion really is because of unacceptable excuses like, it’s too hard or as earlier mentioned fear of failing. He challenges individuals to get up and pursue that dream, pursue that passion and get comfortable trying, getting comfortable with failure, it’s all a part of the game of being successful.
Throughout this talk, I completely understood what Larry was getting at, because I can relate to the message. Often times, I don’t push myself far enough to take risks and pursue my passion because I am afraid of failing so I refuse to try. Moving forward, I can try to be more proactive and positive in pursuing my passion and dream which will help me in becoming more successful.
Talk Title: How to find work you love
Speaker: Scott Dinsmore
Date of Presentation: October 2012
Scott mentions how he got the worst advice of his life when he was told just build your resume.
He landed a job with a major company but it only took him 2 months to quit because he woke up with the urge of wanting to slam his head. He went on the search for a job where he could feel fit with who he is as a person and not one where’s he was miserable everyday just to make his resume attractive. He made mention that this isn’t something he was in alone; approximately 80% of people do not enjoy their work.
Scott outlines a framework that was common amongst these 80% of people:
· Becoming a self-expert and understanding yourself
He mentions that apart of getting comfortable and knowing what you’re looking for are ingredients to finding the perfect job that you fit into.
· What’s our framework or our hierarchy from making decisions
Is the selection your passion, is it what you enjoy doing?
· Our experiences
 We learn things every day, every minute about what we love, what we hate, what we are good at, what we are terrible at. If we don’t spend time paying attention to that and integrating that learning and applying to the rest of our life, it’s all for nothing. Once we have this framework all figured out, Scott postulates that we will be on our way to greatness.
I found this presentation extremely useful because since my working life, I have taken on jobs that I absolutely hate but stay in the job because bills need to be paid which was unhealthy and miserable. I ...


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