Assignment For The Project Of A Enterpreneurship Idea Syracuse University Assignment

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Tinghan Zhu
IST 195
Idea: It works both for receiving and delivering . To be specific, the machine has lockers with
different sizes to store any kinds of packages, whenever a cellphone or a TV. For receiving,
the delivery courier has the code to open every locker and store packages. Once your package
is in one of the lockers, the machine will send you a message with a verification code. You
just need to input the code and your package will show up immediately. For delivering, it
charges like a vending machine, receiving changes like $1, $5, and $10. You type all the
information on your cell phone as soon as you put the package in one of lockers.
As I am a sophomore student in Syracuse University, I live in a house instead of a dorm.
These weeks, I found that few of my packages were missing, and I started to think about how
to improve this issue. In south campus, students receive and send packages everyday.
However, packages lost easily since we don’t have place to secure them. For delivery
couriers, it is also inconvenient because students have classes at daytime, they have no choice
but to wait or throw the packages in front of door. As a result, I came up with an idea of a
Wi-fi connected package transfer station.
It works both for receiving and delivering . To be specific, the machine has lockers with
different sizes to store any kinds of packages. Whenever a tiny object like a cellphone or a
relatively huge object like a TV, there is a suitable locker to accommodate each of them.
Most importantly, it is Wifi- connected, which means customers can manage the machine
through the App on their cell phones. Also, the express companies can examine packages’
status at any time to make sure couriers secure them properly.
For receiving, the delivery courier has the code to open every locker and store packages.
Once your package is in one of the lockers, the machine will send you a message with a
verification code. You just need to come in front of the machine and input the code, your
package will show up immediately.
For delivering, it charges like a vending machine, receiving changes like $1, $5, and $10.
You type all the information on your cell phone as soon as you put the package in one of
Nowadays, people get used to shop online instead of go to malls. In physical distribution
area, opportunities that work for distributing packages are rising drastically. Even though my
idea still too naive to implement as a product, I believe if I improve it to be accessible, my
package transfer machine can help a lot of people and attract commercial opportunities.
At lecture 5, we talked about security, which contains some techniques that keep
information of computer safe. We mentioned steganography, which hides a message inside
something else, thereby making the message non-obvious. Based on my Wifi connected
package transfer station, it can be applied by setting passwords for customers. Think about
you have luxuries in the package, the courier mi...


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