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Astronomy Today 7th Edition Chapter 22 Austin Community College Book

1275 words - 6 pages

Chapter 22 Multiple Choice
1. A neutron star is about the same size as (a) a school bus; (b) a u.s. city; (e) the Moon; (d) Earth.
2 . A neutron star's immense gravitational attraction is due primarily to its small radius and (a) rapid rotation rate; (b) strong magnetic field; (e) large mass; (d) high temperature.
3. The most rapidly "blinking" pulsars are those that (a) spin fastest; (b) are oldest; (e) are most massive; (d) are hottest.
4. The X-ray emission from a neutron star in a binary system comes mainly from (a) the bot surface of the neutron star itself; (b) heated material in an accretion disk around the neutron star; (e) the neutron star's magnetic field; (d) the surface of the companion star.
5. VIS According to Figure 22.11, ganuna-ray bursts are observed to occur (al mainly near the Sun; (b) throughout the Milky Way Galaxy; (c) approximately unifomuy over the entire sky; (d) near pulsars.
6. Black holes result from stars having initial masses (a) less than the mass of the SW1; (b) between I and 2 times the mass of the Sun; (e) up to 8 times the mass of the Sun; (d) more than 25 times the mass ofthe Sun.
7. If the Sun were magically to turn into a black hole of the same mass, (a) Earth would start to spiral inward; (b) Earth's orbit would remain unchanged; (cl Earth would fly off into space; (d) Earth would be tom apart.
8. VIS According to the second figure in Discovery 22-1, a meterstick in a spaceship traveling at half the speed of light would appear to have a length of (a) I meter; (b) 0.87 meter; (e) 0.50 meter; (d) 0.15 meter.
9. The best place to search for black holes is in a region of space that (a) is dark and empty; (b) has recently lost some stars; (e) has strong X-ray emission; (d) is cooler than its surroundings.
10. The best evidence for supermassive black holes in the centers of galaxies is (a) the absence of stars there; (b) rapid gas motion and intense energy emission; (c) gravitational redshift of radiation emitted from near the center; (d) unknown visible and X-ray spectral lines.
Review and Discussion
1. How does the way in which a neutron star forms determine some of its most basic properties?
Neutronization- The process, within a collapsing star, in which protons and electrons fuse to form neutrons and release neutrinos.
2. What would happen to a person standing on the surf3ce of a neutron star? squished bc of high gravity=crazy explosion
3. Why aren't all neutron stars seen as pulsars? The neutron star has been spun up in matter from a companion star in a binary system. In other words, they are not eating.
4. Why do many neutron stars move at high speeds relative to their neighbors? They are rotating fast because they are small and has lots of mass.
5. What are X-ray bursters? X−ray bursters occur in binary star systems. Is something that hits neutron stars.
6. What is the favored explanation for the rapid spin rates of millisecond pulsars? As matter spirals down into the stars surface, it provides a push that...

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