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Attachment ParentingAttachment Parenting is a radical parenting approach where a parent devotes time and focus on developing a nurturing connection with their children. The main goal of attachment parenting is to raise children who can form healthy, emotional connections with other people throughout their life. Attachment parents believe this must begin by forming a respectful, compassionate connection between parent and child. According to WebMD, the Eight Principles of Attachment Parenting are: prepare for parenting, feed with love and respect, respond with sensitivity, use nurturing touch, engage in nighttime parenting, provide constant, loving care, practice positive discipline, and strive for balance in personal and family life.The approach of attachment parenting is based off of Bowlb ...view middle of the document...

It also creates emotional development by a secure attachment between the parent and child, which teaches the infant that the parent will listen to their cues and meet their needs. This approach also helps a child's social development by being able to form relationships with others later on in life. Its potential weakness is with spending so much time with the caregiver, the child is not able to make other attachments. "Baby wearing" for a long amount of time doesn't allow the infant to have motor development to learn how to crawl or walk and explore its surroundings. Nighttime parenting also doesn't allow the child to learn how to sleep on its own.In my opinion, I feel like I could benefit from using this parenting style. I love that the focus is on developing a nurturing and loving relationship with this child but I feel as though some attachment parent advocates take it to an extreme. Baby wearing is very helpful when wanting to have skin-to-skin contact with your child but for twenty hours a day, that is very time consuming. Also I think all mothers should breastfeed their children although not let your child decide when and if they want to stop. Nighttime parenting needs to stop at a certain age too because a child needs to learn how to sleep on their own. Most of the qualities of attachment parenting really would help out in building that strong relationship with your child. I will strongly consider using parts of this parenting style in the future.Works CitedBenaroch, R. (2012). What is Attachment Parenting?. Retrieved from, R., & Cavanaugh, J. (2013). Essientials of human development. (1st ed.). Cenegage Learning.What is Attachment Parenting?. (2014). Retrieved from


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