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Primary Source: Nancy Searer, Esquire February 19, 201412 S. Main StreetLewistown, Pa. 17044PH: (717) 953-9255Women in law:In this profession, women are outnumbered by men. In fact, only about 30% of lawyers are female. Do you feel like being a women makes your job more challenging, why? How?Do you feel as if your job has made it harder to start a family? Could this be the reason there are more male lawyers than female?Stress:How do you prepare to go to court? How much time do you spend preparing a case?What is the most stressful part of being an attorney?Is it difficult for you to separate your values ...view middle of the document...

One requirement for my paper is to include fringe benefits for my chosen occupation. Obviously, benefits can vary depending on where a lawyer works (corporation, government, law firm, or self-employed). I was wondering what it cost to provide health insurance and other benefits to yourself, as well as secretaries and other employees.What is it like to set your own work hours? (Ups and downs)Stereotyping:Do you feel that lawyers are often stereotyped as being rich, and unfriendly, causing them to be disliked? If so, does it bother you?About 1 in 1000 people are lawyers. Do you feel as if there are too many lawyers in today's society?Small town law:Do you feel that practicing law in a small town limits your job opportunities? Do you think that lawyers are better suited to work in metropolitan areas? Is there enough work in Mifflin County to support the number of lawyers working here?The average national salary for an attorney in the US is about $113,000 annually according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Do you feel that the average salary for a lawyer in Mifflin County compares to this number?Is there any other information you feel would be helpful for me in writing my research paper?


Discusses Ethical Values Of Criminal Defense Attorneys

3115 words - 13 pages Free repre 1000 sent a client even if it means that the truth is undermined in a particular case. Defense attorneys are entitled to put the prosecution case to the test, and a defendant has a constitutional right to have his lawyer do so.Sometimes, in our legal system, the truth must be sacrificed for more important principles.Our society has decided that a defendant must be free to be fully candid with his or her lawyer without suffering any

Fear And Loathing Essay

474 words - 2 pages , where the entire plot line was compromised, the film of Fear and Loathing does the book justice and, occasionally, reads straight from the novel itself. Starring Johnny Depp (as Duke) and Benico Del Toro (Dr. Gonzo, Duke's attorney and confidant), the film is an account of what the early seventies in the western United States were like.The story is split into two parts: covering the Mint 400 in part one, and the National District Attorneys

Paper On Brown Vs. The Board Of Education

679 words - 3 pages deliberate speed.In the year 1979 three young black attorneys in Topeka petitioned to reopen the Brown vs. Board of education case to check if all implements of segregation were completely abolished. This case resulted in the Topeka school system building three magnet schools to comply with the courts findings.It has been 50 years since the Supreme Court decreed that all segregation in public schools is unconstitutional. The effects of the ruling still

Protected Classes Essay

534 words - 3 pages Free act along with many others. The solutions to this kind of discrimination can be reinstatement, promotion, and back pay, sometimes even attorneys' fees.ReferencesKettner, P. (2002). Achieving excellence in the management of human service organizations. Boston: Allyn and Bacon.

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520 words - 3 pages Life" Sponsored: Man Who Predicted 2008 Meltdown Has Bold New Prediction Sponsored: Entertainment Céline Dion on criticism she's too thin: 'Leave me alone' Check Out The Most Successful Attorneys in Bayville Sponsored: Attorney Finder | Sponsored Listings New Jersey: Seniors With No Life Insurance Should Do This Before Feb 15 Sponsored: CNN Trump's biggest nightmare isn't Mueller

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2084 words - 9 pages changed by Congress Department of Justice ● primary law enforcement for federal government and houses agencies ● most important litigant in the federal court system ● Attorney general ○ the head of the Justice Department ○ represents the federal government’s interests in law courts throughout the nation ○ Includes U.S. attorneys ● U.S. attorneys depend on the attorney general and the White House for their job security. Judicial Recruitment ● federal

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740 words - 3 pages Lennie on purpose and he had a plan on how he was going to do it. In regards to how the two sides did their jobs, they needed to be better. The defense did a poor job of defending their client. George’s attorneys only talked about relationships between characters and proved nothing. There were no concrete details until their closing statements, and the information given was still weak. The prosecution did a good job. The two prosecutors had good

The crucible mock trial assignment - English 4U - Research

882 words - 4 pages detailing questions and evidence} · Jury: Must be able to recount both the defense and the prosecuting attorneys’ arguments in order to reach a verdict. {One page response detailing both arguments and your explanation for your decision regarding John Proctor.} Guidelines: 1. Each person in your group MUST have a significant role in the trial. 2. Each person in your group MUST turn in a typed account of what he/she has contributed to this project

Discrimination Legal Process

1007 words - 5 pages , the judge will attempt to resolve the matter between the attorneys in hope of avoiding a trial. The claim will go to trial if there is no settlement. Depending on the outcome of the trial, there is a possibility for appeal. Appealing a case is a lengthy and costly proposition, one that can lead all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. (U.S.EEOC, 2004)As stated in this paper, you can see that resolving discriminatory complaints is a time consuming

Law And Music Vanderbilt R.J.P

943 words - 4 pages Biederman. After working in New York, Mr. Biederman moved to Atlanta, where for 3-4 years he worked with baby rock bands in a two-lawyer firm. In Atlanta, he worked for Alan Katz (one of the best music attorneys in the nation) and then moved to Nashville where he has lived and practiced law for the past four years. During his talk to the class, Mr. Biederman spoke about the many different aspects of his job. He described the process of "cradling

Tell Tale Heart Attorney Letter - Journalism - Assignment

764 words - 4 pages Gonzalez; Jess&Yayi Attorneys at Law 65-21 Main Street Flushing, New York 11367 (305) 340-4200 November 5, 2018 Narrator Murder of Father 885 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10017 “Tell Tale Heart” : Insanity Plea Narrator mudered his own father due to his eye’s appearance, “ a vulture’s eye.” In this case, my client and I are requesting a insanity plea for this case. Narrator is not responsible for his actions for during the time of the

Restorative Justice: The Restoration of Faith by Amitava Kumar - English 1301 - Rhetorical Analysis

856 words - 4 pages concerning his logical and credible appeals. He can strengthen his logical argument by bringing in more facts about restorative justice. Kumar can do so in many ways. He can bring in facts from attorneys and also information from other cases where restorative justice was used. Kumar can also express to the reader how likely it is for the court to go with the ruling of restorative justice. If his pathos wasn’t as strong as it was then this article wouldn’t have been very impactful on the reader. This is because Kumar’s lack of an ethical and logical appeal takes away from his strong emotional appeal.

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868 words - 4 pages to scraps of writing paper that was given to him by a “Negro” friend of his and concluded on a pad that his attorneys were permitted to leave him d. King’s letter was not only directed to the 8 clergymen who criticized the Birmingham civil rights demonstrations but also “white moderates” e. King’s purpose of writing was to reach out to those who despised the movement all over the nation, and most importantly to black Americans who failed to see

The Roles of Advice Literature, Experts, and Child-Savers in the 19th and 20th Century Childrearing - The University of Memphis/ HIST 4863 - Essay

969 words - 4 pages to survive and making homes out of alleyways (1). The child-savers began to notice the deplorable conditions poor children were living and working in and started the child-savers movement in America, dedicated to improving both the living and working conditions for children. The child-savers' diverse group included experts, such as philanthropists, attorneys, physicians, educators, and social workers, as well as average middle-class women

Criminal Justice System

1288 words - 6 pages and misleading. And yet, on thousands of occasions every day convicted felons are allowed to get up on the witness stand and lie. Why would they do that? Because the law enforcement community, prosecutors and District Attorneys specifically, will exchange favors for testimony that will help their case, thereby creating tainted testimony. How many times have you read of a verdict being overturned, sometimes years later, because a witness lied? A