August 8th Results Report For 1st Simulation Experiment Stonybrook Research Report

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1.The figure above is the comparison of the R() correlator for different centralities (40% - 50%, 50% - 60%, 60% - 70%). The concave shapes of the results at all the centralities indicate the presence of CME-driven charge separations. The opening of the concave shape for 60% - 70% centrality is narrower than the others (magnitude of a1 is the largest among these); this indicates the CME-driven charge separation signal is the strongest. The decreasing width of the opening with increasing centrality is an expected result since in the Au+Au collision; a higher centrality means that the spectator particles are larger (? More of the spectators will remain intact). As a result, the magnetic field generated by the moving charged spectator particles will be greater thus leads to a greater CME-driven charge separation signal. However, the higher centrality usually results in a more significant elliptical flow (v2 will be larger). The increase of flow will be likely to result in more background produced in the collision. Therefore, in order to test the insensitivity of the correlator toward the flow-driven charge separation, we applied shape engineering in our calculation.
2. The figure above is the comparison of the R() correlators for the different magnitude of q2 (0% - 20%, 20% - 40%, 40% - 60%). The concave shape of the results at all the q2 values indicates the presence of CME-driven charge separations. However, there is little, if any, the difference in the widths of the opening of the concave shapes for all q2 values. The value of...


How Walt Disney Revolutionized Animation Report - Minnesota Waldorf 8th Grade Project - Research Report

1471 words - 6 pages THE PROCESS OF HOW WALT DISNEY REVOLUTIONIZED ANIMATION REPORT ~ Sawyer Rhys Vertanen Have you ever watched an old Disney animated film and seen some pencil lines? That is because back then there were no computers, or any of the fancy stuff we have today. They only really had paper and really, really big, expensive cameras. These cameras would take a picture of the drawing one at a time. For my 8th grade project I have chosen to do The Process

Experiment 4 and 5 for chem 117 - chem 117 - lab report

1726 words - 7 pages recorded. After all data is recorded and collected. All equipment is cleaned and put away for next use. The major results of this experiment is that dilution 1 of 50 % of the solution proved to be most concentrated at 0.05 nm, although the stock solution had the most absorbance at lambda max of 1.331. For experiment 5, the purpose of this experiment is to get acquainted with the concept of nanomaterials, spectrophotometry, and Beer’s law by

Lab report 4 - chocolate cookie experiment - Prevention 1 - Lab report

450 words - 2 pages Lab Experience Report Format Prevention I 111-114 AB Lab # & Title Name: Karnik Patel ( Lab 3 - Chocolate cookie experiment pH=7.0 ) Date: September 21, 2018 Objective: (1) Why are you doing this? Point form. · This

Snail Invertebrates Science Report - Biology - Science Practical Experiment Report

925 words - 4 pages Gardens snails’ response to environment change Lily Espinosa Introduction: The invertebrate that was chosen for the experiment was the Snail Gastropoda. Snails like moist and shady areas, to protect themselves from harmful weathers. Snails also like soil and fresh leaves because they have easy access to food and moist conditions. Snails don’t like pees and tomatoes and its unsafe for them to consume pasta. Salt and water also both kill snails

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2294 words - 10 pages , the number of females (6%) are twice as great as males (3%). However, a large proportion of the students (78%) prefer to learn English in a small group (male, 28%; female, 50%). These results suggest that the respondents prefer to learn English in a small group.Figure 2 shows that which kinds of English learning method overseas students prefer.Significantly, 61% of international students liked to choose TV and Movies for leaning English. This

Community Health Simulation - Sentinel City Action Report - Assignment

3426 words - 14 pages Community Health Simulation Task 1 C228 Demographics Sentinel City is a virtual community with a total population of 663,862 (Healthcare Learning Innovations, 2018). Within the city, there are four distinctly different neighborhoods: Nightingale Square, Acer Tech Center, Casper Park District, and Industrial Heights. The majority of the population reside in Casper Park District, roughly 350,000 people. The neighborhood with the lowest

How bitcoin affects global economy? - DMU 1st year undergraduate - Report

2349 words - 10 pages Increasing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Is it a bubble or stable investment? How does it influence global and national economy? INTRODUCTION TO REPORT: This report explain economical aspects of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, its stability, report describes potential boom scenarios, impacts on specific sectors (Banking, Tax, stock market) and answer an important question: Will the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies bring

Lab Report - Sunflower Oil Experiment - Northwestern Geography 101 - Geography Class Experiment

2349 words - 10 pages been left unaccounted for. Further research is needed to confirm that these results are true scientific findings and not artifacts of human error. USC ID: 8870 LAB SECTION: 13148 8 References 1 Ehlers, J. D. & Hall, A. E. Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L. Walp.). Field Crops Res 53, 187-204 (1997). 2 Langyintuo, A. S. et al. Cowpea supply and demand in West and Central Africa. Field Crops Research 82, 215–231 (2003). 3 Sivakumar, D., Chen, L

Paper on water cup inversion experiment - Grade 10 Science - Lab Report

673 words - 3 pages Title: Paper on Water Cup Inversion Experiment Submitted By: Theodore Xavier Pueda Submitted to: Mr. Roach Title: Paper on Water Cup Inversion Experiment Testable Question: Does the volume of water affect the time for paper to drop from cup? Hypothesis: As the volume of water increases, the time for the paper to fall off the cup stays the same. Experimental Design: Different volumes of room temperature water will be poured 9 similar cups

Team Leader Experience Report - Nursing 243 - Research Report

950 words - 4 pages The evaluation of your experience as a team leader is an important part of the experience. Complete the report by answering the questions below. Submit your completed report to the Dropbox in Canvas no later than 36 hours after the end of the clinical rotation. Use complete sentences. 1. Discuss your personal and professional goals for this clinical experience as Team Leader and your success in meeting them. My personal goals for this

Strategic Management Report For TC Company

7137 words - 29 pages Strategic Management Report for TC CompanyExecutive SummaryThis is a strategic management report, aiming to help develop strategies and provide recommendations to TC that is one of the largest online gaming companies in China by collecting information relating to various components of strategic management and presenting an analysis.This report firstly provides an overview of TC, including number of employees, assets, sales, performance, products

What is the effect of different colours of light on plant growth? - year 10 science - experiment report

1352 words - 6 pages with colour light (colour cellophane cover) have relative average growth rate in 2 weeks and for white light (clear plastic cover) it has the lowest average growth rate, exclude black. As you can see from the result, colour light effect the plants growth the most in this experiment, but the results conflict with the hypothesis which derived from the research of public information. Therefore, the experiment should be conducted again as only one

Research report about the correlation of age and gender - Murdoch university - Research report

1797 words - 8 pages , indeed, will become overpowered with others' negative feelings and may participate in practices, for example, self-soothing, to diminish their own distress. From one viewpoint, more established grown-ups regularly report preferable feeling guideline capacities over youthful grown-ups in self-report information (Birditt and Fingerman, 2005; Net et al., 1997; Lawton, Kleban, Rajagopal, and Senior member, 1992) and in experience-inspecting thinks about

Industry Report- Water supply and Irrigation - Environmental Science/ Safety and regulations - Research/industry Report

5934 words - 24 pages Free report, the irrigated area in these states expanded by 9% in 2017. The report further asserts that irrigated agriculture used over 8.5 million acre-feet of water nationally, translating to average 325, 851 gallons of water per acre annually. The demand for water supply and irrigation has simply risen exponentially if it is weighed against the past uses. The industry is categorized under the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQGs) is

PDHPE - Better Health for Individuals - Year 11 PDHPE - Essay, Report

2390 words - 10 pages Free as a young person gets older considering the percentage of small screen recreational behaviours Research has identified that these high levels of sedentary activity are a risk behaviour associated with obesity. Source: NSW schools physical activity and nutrition survey 2004 Outline three protective factors and three risk factors associated with your chosen health issue for young people There are protective and risk factors that can highly