Aunt Flo's Funeral Creative Writing Task

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"Why are those people here?! I don't have it!""How do you know that? You've never been checked! I organised this for you so you'd know what you have to watch out for, Mum!"I believe our lives start, revolve and end around the maternal figure in our lives. They nurture us, love us and guide us through life. However, my mother is no typical mother. I know no other mother who can boast that she was a bong-smoking hippie of the sixties, a roller disco dancing queen of the seventies, a pin-sticking punk of the eighties and a rocking grunge chick of the nineties. She hasn't missed one trend among those that the generation-X have been apart of. But, she's managed to miss being informed about ...view middle of the document...

"Sisters, sisters!" called Adriana over the monotonous snubbing, "Please! Remember that 'Menopausals Anonymous' is for sisters such as this woman here, who are clearly not embracing an exhilarating stage in their lives.""Exhilarating like childbirth is painless," scoffed Mum, she turned and lamented to me, "I don't want to be here. Not with a sweaty load of fanny-obsessed heifers!"My frustration and discomfiture were peaking. I took her by the shoulders and heaved her down onto the sofa, "Mum, you're going to sit down and do this session!"Once I'd forced her down, I strode over to the door and locked it. For safety's sake, I stayed in the room, guarding the exit. Now that Mum couldn't escape, she could turn feral."Alright sisters, time to begin," said Adriana, looking around the circle, "Why don't we go around the circle and share our experiences this week... yes, you can go first Zoe."The woman who stood up had graying wisps of hair and looked as if she had stubble."My name is Zoe and I have the menopause. I'm experiencing palpitations and my skin is shriveling away faster than an onion in the sun. Other than that, I'm fine."My mother stared at Zoe in total shock and awe."Alright, Rouge, how about you?"A woman who was sitting at Mum's feet stood up. She had a shocking violet afro and the orange tunic robe she wore hung off her boney structure as if she were a coat-hanger."My name is Rouge and I have the menopause. I go through hot flashes, memory loss and," she had a crazed look in her eye, "I crave chocolate so badly."Rouge let out a heavy sigh, then drew herself up and said proudly, "And sometimes when I sneeze, I pee."Mum shot to an upright stance. I couldn't see the expression on her face, but I could see what was coming. I was on my guard, in case she tried anything."My name is Adelaide DeLuge and I hope you're wearing thick pants! STAND ON THE BLOODY BIN BAG!" she bellowed.While the other women hastily busied themselves with their bin bags, Adriana remained unperturbed by Mum's outburst."Adelaide," Adriana said calmly, "I understand your denial; I went through it myself. I think I know what will get y...


Disability - inclusion in curriculum - Grade 12 - Assignment

2469 words - 10 pages Cooperative learning. This strategy assists students to learn respect for each other strengths and limitations and fosters a working relationship which overlooks ones differences (Killen, 2009). In the instance of creative writing there will be a series of small in class assessments, some homework and a final assessment task. The final Assessment task will be for the students to complete a major creative writing task be it a poem, a newspaper

Representation Comparison Essay - Englisj 101 - Essay

904 words - 4 pages Representation Comparison Essay Being an African American has never been an easy task. Thinking about the history of the African American heritage, people have endured slavery, discrimination, segregation, Jim Crow laws, and many other factors that have tried to diminish the value of African Americans as a whole. During the time period of of the 1930s African American ran into many troubles when it came to jobs and finances. The two films

Assignment On The one thing

476 words - 2 pages The One ThingThe art of good writing comes from the artist within. All humans have the ability to become authors and poets. So with that in mind, why do I always find writing an essay such a difficult task? I'll tell you what, the one thing I want to get out of this course is to become a more sophisticated writer.There are a few good reasons for me to become a better writer. For example I love to write, but right now the documents and essays I

Water cycle and how water flows - Year 8 - Humanities diagram

1126 words - 5 pages Year 9 Humanities Assessment #1 Create Your Own Business Part 1 This is the first part of a 3-part assessment task which will equal your entire mark for the term. You may work independently or in a pair. No groups of 3+ will be permitted. For this assessment you will be required to develop and construct a business plan for a new business of your own. In your submission, you must include the following: · An original idea. · A

Tom Robinson Perspective Letter - Class - Essay

1389 words - 6 pages Write a Eulogy A Eulogy is a speech given at a funeral. Usually, it captures the best things about a person. However, sometimes it does make mention of their mistakes and negative characteristics. The purpose of a eulogy is to capture the person’s life through words, as best as possible, and to bring peace and comfort. For this task, you will assume the role of Friar Lawrence and write a eulogy for one of the following characters: Tybalt

Study Skills "20 Questions And Answers"

1030 words - 5 pages Learners: Auditory learners tend to learn more effectively through listening. Visual learners process information by seeing it in print or other visual modes.Part Five-Creative or Pragmatic Learners: Creative learners are imaginative and innovative. They prefer to learn through discovery or experimentation.Pragmatic learners are practical, logical, and systematic. They seek order and are comfortable following rules.3.What is the 6-step approach to

A letter from Eliza Doolittle to Mrs Higgins - English - Essay

1118 words - 5 pages ____________________________________________________________________ Rationale  In the English program, creative writing had to be done for task 1. The creative writing had to be about the book, Pygmalion, which was read in class and so, a letter by Eliza to Mrs. Higgins is chosen. Eliza is writing a letter to Mrs. Higgins as gratitude for letting her stay in her flat when Eliza was fighting with Henry Higgins but to also tell her what had happened


1831 words - 8 pages Four Ex's on Art Meaning of title While working on my class presentation for the Humanities project, I was faced with the difficult task of explaining art, I named it "Four Ex's on Art" because of the explanations, experiences, expressions, and examples, I used to create the following essay.After being raised by the views of someone else, is it possible to change the way we perceive our world? Humanities are about the production and learning of

Biblical Allusions in The Visit - Ralston Valley English 12 - Essay

4265 words - 18 pages praise of feeling…”) · Ambiguity (speaker in “Cat”)—usually narrator · Dialogue (usually entire poem—see “Vietnam” and “Funeral (ii)”) · Tone—sarcastic, sincere/serious, satiric, lofty, hopeful (varies—see VOICE) · Ekphrastic poetry (Brueghel’s Two Monkeys, Pieta) · Rhetorical questions · Wit/Humor · Introspective voice · Occasional Elision—usually to fit a meter or create a desired sound effect · Starts with a bold statement or claim, broadens

Henry Tam And MGI Team

1643 words - 7 pages Free available for face-to-face, intense, frequent conversations to be held over long periods of time, that too in cramped places; the situation can be ideal to come up with creative ideas2. The team has been able to come up with a product that can "stretch" the expectations of the market consumers IF targeted correctly. Their product is likely to redefine the tastes and expectations raise the level of market acceptability.3. Some of the members in the

Understanding how natural law and the economy and their interplay - High School and AP Literature - Essay

1249 words - 5 pages 1 Understanding Why Nations Fail Accurately deconstructing modern societies, and explaining their strengths and weaknesses is an extremely difficult task. Daron Acemoglu, and James A. Robinson attempt to achieve this task in their book Why Nations Fail. Why Nations Fail uses the economy as a focal point in understanding societies throughout history. Acemoglu and Robinson cite a combination of human actions and institutions as the primary factors

What Is Literacy In Preschool Children

2513 words - 11 pages What is Literacy? According to, to be literate means to be able to read and write, to be well read or to have knowledge or skill in a specific field. Emergent literacy begins in the very early stages of childhood, and is the beginning of literacy development, involving such activities as 'reading' from pictures and 'writing' with scribbles. 'Reading' a book from memory while turning the pages of the book, develops a child's

Goals Planning

5604 words - 23 pages work.1.2 S.M.A.R.T GoalsThere is a relationship between how difficult and specific a goal was and people's performance of a task. Specific and difficult goals led to better task performance than vague or easy goals. Locke's research emphasizes the usefulness of SMART goal setting, and it influences the way we set and measure performance today.S.M.A.R.T can be defined as: (Timethoughts 2008)Specific - Clear and specific goal statement of what we

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2774 words - 12 pages refers to those who enjoy going with the flow and discovering life one day at a time (Gallup, 2019).. This strength resonated with me both in my work life and personal life as I enjoy the gift of surprise and knowing each day can bring new challenges. Being Strategic emphasizes the creative process in various scenarios and excels at noticing patterns and issues. Working with adolescents I have to be verbal and able to spontaneously create new ideas

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2436 words - 10 pages presented paragraphs they did not read and come up with one question about that paragraph. Standards Assessed Standard(s) SL.9-10.4 Present information, findings, and supporting evidence clearly, concisely, and logically such that listeners can follow the line of reasoning and the organization, development, substance, and style are appropriate to purpose, audience, and task. SL.9-10.6 Adapt speech to a variety of contexts and tasks, demonstrating