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Australia's Relations With Asia Essay

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Australia's relationship with Asia has changed dramatically since federation in 1901. There was great suspicion and fear over communism spreading to our shores, because of this we were taken into combat with British and US forces During the 1940's until roughly the 1970's (more specifically 1975) several times fighting against Asian countries. Great changes had occurred by the 1970's when Australia started to export to Japan. Since then onwards, great relations have formed in such areas as security, trade and educational tourism and aid resources within our Asia-Pacific region.Security for economic and military purposes is the major change, which has occurred between Australia and other ...view middle of the document...

Our main imports deal with new technology for example cars, office equipment, chemicals and electrical goods.Education programmes also inducted in the late 1970's due to the increasing relations with the Asia-Pacific region and in co-ordination with certain programmes introduced the LOTE course (Language other than English), which was a great opportunity to learn about the multicultural diversity of the outward society and increase the knowledge on other countries around the world. Since then, the increasing amount of students taking up Asian language classes has increased profoundly as the years have passed which is a great commitment by Australian schools, universities and the students.On the other hand, we are also helping students from Southeast Asia to learn in our schools and universities due to the Colombo plan made in the 1950's. There has been a huge increase in the amounts of students that come from Indonesia and Malaysia.Tourism has also changed into an increasing business since federation. Not very much tourism had taken place in the Asia-Pacific region prior to the world wars and Federation due to the fear of communism and the increase in Asian immigrants (non-whites coming to our land). Hence, since our many treaties and economic and social growth within the two cultures, much has changed and tourism to the outskirts of our region (the Asia-Pacific) has developed greatly. Also because of its relatively close shores, many Australians have enjoyed the tastes of...

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