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There are some common threads of argument linking together main aspects of how Australians see themselves and what they see as important in defining our culture and identity, there is still contention over the importance of issues of Australia's history, indigenous members and white European settlers and their impact on the indigenous population. Quite often, the Australian landscape is also given great prominence, especially when used in conjunction with the above aspects of Australian culture and identity. Four texts of different media all contain elements arguing for a common trend of ideas. Despite this, there are still some differing opinions of the messages that should be taken f ...view middle of the document...

Hence with the constant referrals and use of these symbols, it is evident that the Aboriginal's place much emphasis on the importance of the Australian land to their culture and wellbeing. "The evening star is shining, back to towards Milingimbi, and over the Wulamba people..." This star with its mythological spiritual savioural connotations is denotative to the Indigenous people of a heaven/dreamtime which is part of all the tribes, covering and shielding them, the song here is celebrating this star, these spirits and the power that the Australian landscape offers to the Aboriginal people. Furthermore, the fact that the narrator chooses to mention 3 different tribes "wulamba" and "Wonguri" and "Ngurulwulu" affirms that the star and the spirits of the land emblematize the universality of the land as a paramount part to the Australian culture, and the culture of the Aboriginals. Additionally, as the narrator calls attention to the star's descent: "That evening star, the lotus... It sinks there into the place of the white gum trees, at Milingimbi," again compounds the idea of the symbiotic relationship between the Indigenous people, and the land, as well as the notion that the star joins the land in its power to save, nurture and protect. Thus the poem, with its numerous mentions of the Aboriginals and the landscape, demonstrates one of the fundamental values of the importance of the landscape to the Australian community, and the nature of Australia's indigenous population.The next argument for examining Australian culture and identity comes from another of Judith Wright text, and presents quite a different perspective on a fairly similar subject. Two dreamtimes is a poem written by Wright in an undisclosed date. The main concern of the poem is addressing Australia's indigenous background and the feeling of regret and the recognition of what history has done, and sympathy and empathy to the Indigenous population of Australia. Landscape is again referred to frequently "over the desert of red sand," and "riding the cleared hills," again affirming Australia's attachment to its unique wild and natural state. The poem has the narrator talking familiarly with "Kath, my sister" to accentuate the idea of remorse for what has been done, and to be intimate and friendly to amend the past. The narrator feels sympathy for the Indigenous and shows this: "Arms over your breast folding, your sorrow in to hold it, you brought me to you in some way and came the rest to meet me," This presents the idea that the gulf between black aboriginals and whites has been closed through friendship and compassion, and women who are able to emphasize with them. The narrator shows acceptance and empathy for the damage that the history has inflicted, "if we are sisters, it's in this- our grief for a lost country, the place we dreamed in long ago, poisoned now and crumbling," This shows that we are able to realize the damage done, the effect of our mercenaries on the land and ...


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570 words - 3 pages CITE- English born Australian colonial artist, John Glover depicts the culture and idyllic lifestyle of Aboriginals to show Australian identity through his artwork “The River Nile, Van Diemen’s Land, from Mr Glover’s Farm”. Joann Ross is an Australian contemporary artist that portrays the unsullied Aboriginal land through animation in her artwork “The Claiming of Things” to express her ideas on Australian identity. EXAMPLE- Australian identity

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942 words - 4 pages support one another and Red Dog. This is how Stenders thinks Australians are as people, people that unify in tough times and celebrate our success. Another way that Stenders has embraced Australian identity is through Australia’s unique culture. Stenders has used Australia’s landscape, and its people to display this. The unforgiving and harsh landscape reflects the resilience of the people contained within it. The Australian landscape has been

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5129 words - 21 pages Free tried to explain aspects of the true Australian Identity that go beyond cultural association or stereotype. I attempted to identify aspects of identity that unite all of us in Australia, regardless of ethnicity or culture. I began with the issue of image or appearance and attempted to dispel the notion of identity being associated with a specific ‘look’. I then selected to focus on three ideas that could be significant to all Australians and

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1298 words - 6 pages shots taken of the landscape and horizon, we understand the impact of dislocation, identity and the importance of the land within the Australian indigenous culture. A fence divides the land up in the middle of the shot. The Birdseye view of the tyre marks look like scars in the landscape and represent the impact of postcolonialism. The fence running down the middle of the shot is also significant in indigenous culture, due to their firm belief that

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1063 words - 5 pages for more than 55,000 years, making them one of the oldest surviving cultures on the planet. One of the reasons they have survived for so long is their ability to adapt and to change. Though, culture patterns have been severely disrupted over the last 210 years with the beginning of European settlement (Catharine Liddle, NITV, 2017). The Dreaming, land and identity of contemporary Aboriginal Australian’s spirituality has been severely affected, take

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434 words - 2 pages territory, similar to that of the Nunavut in Canada. Another strategy that would be suitable for consideration addressing the challenge of reconciliation, is to integrate the White Australian culture with the Aboriginal Australian culture. Students should be taught the Aboriginal culture at school. This could include teaching of different tribal languages, dances and artwork, as well as Aboriginal history. This strategy has been used in New Zealand

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1207 words - 5 pages as importing, exporting, merchandise buying, commodity selling. The Australian Bureau of Statistics detailed that the retail trade in 2013/2014 employed 1,278,000 people and increased to 1,316,000 in 2014/2015 (ABS 2016). These statistics indicates that retail industry is an industry that is an on the increase and has spiked in employment throughout the years of 2013 and 2015 by 1.4% (ABS 2016) Although it is early on in the year, the clothing


1130 words - 5 pages Gender identity is the base that forms individuals' perceptions about their role in society. Australia, as a liberal democratic nation ensures equality of opportunity for all members of the society, regardless of their gender (Study Guide 1007AMC 1999). However, it could be argued that gender based inequalities still exist in the Australian contemporary society. In order to investigate gender discrimination, the terms sexism and feminism will be

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1782 words - 8 pages culturally influenced feel more satisfied and happy with their own values and highly motivated to achieve human needs. But if there is disconnection between certain groups and their culture then it decreases the level of motivation to meet the human needs as they are culturally affected. Hence, aboriginal people have their own identity according to their culture. Any changes on their culture can bring a negative impact as there will be changes on

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2224 words - 9 pages people and traditional ecological knowledge in land, water and/or biodiversity conservation now and in the past – use particular examples. During the course of this study, we as students were acquainted with the substantial knowledge essential to the Indigenous Australians history and culture. We ascertained knowledge on the colonial policies and processes, bio-diversity and complexity of Indigenous Australian cultures. We most importantly learnt on