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Autobiography Essay

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I have been told, "since the very first day I held you in my arms, I vowed to keep you from harm," which my mom has been doing from February 4, 1987 till today. I was born in Peshawar, Pakistan. I started showing my astuteness at a very young age. I began preschool at the age of three. For ten years I was one of the top three kids in school. At the age of ten, I had read the whole Qur'an (holy book in Arabic for Muslims) by myself. I taught Qur'an and Urdu (major language spoken in Pakistan) to the kids who couldn't afford to go to school. We had two maids to whom I also taught two hours everyday.I came to the United States in the year, 2000 with my mom, three brothers and one sister. Coming to the United States was a very hard experience for me ...view middle of the document...

As a kid, his biggest obstacle was not being able to live the life that other normal kids did. His parents left him at the age of ten. That's when he got his first job as a book keeper at his uncle's store. He stayed up every night studying and he eventually earned a full scholarship to the most highly developed college in Pakistan.Now he is the most well known doctor in Peshawar. He helps the needy through his intelligence and wisdom. He always tells me to work hard and pay close attention to my studies. I have made a promise with him that one day I will become a doctor just like him and work with him in his hospital. After becoming a doctor I want to educate kids in Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India by opening schools. I want to help the kids so they can brighten their future and open up to the horizons to fulfill their dreams.My favorite subjects are science, history, and math. I like to learn about new technologies and inventions that can improve the way of living. To step toward my dream, of becoming a doctor, I go to BOCES and take Clinical Medical Assisting. I have an average of 96 in my class. I have been chosen to go upstate in April to compete for Eastern Suffolk BOCES and show all the skills that I have learned in that class.I try my best in school to keep my grades up and make my parents proud. I have always imagined myself wearing the white coat and stethoscope around my neck. Every time I go to school in the morning I remind myself about the promise that I have made with my grandfather. I want to be known as an individual who is meant for society's development. With my knowledge and with this profession, I want to help the poor and downtrodden communities in any third world country. I think God has sent me to make a difference in this world.

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