Avian Influenza Emergency Management And Planning York College, Emergency Planning Research Paper

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Avian Influenza
By: Leon Thompson
Aviation Management
BUS 237 Emergency Planning and Management
Dr. Robert I. Aceves
Spring 2017
Flesch-Kincaid Reading Grade level: 19.1
Lessons of life are learned in various circumstances. One of these circumstances is how a disaster or epidemic affects the world and society; financially and globally. Avian Influenza was first discovered in Italy in the nineteen hundred and the first outbreak in United States of America was in nineteen twenty-four. Avian Influenza is known as many names such as bird flu influenza, but still having same drastic effect for almost hundred years and still counting. Firstly, this paper is going to introduced the preparedness plans, recovery process, mitigating procedures and responding process also each of these procedures will be analysis including; strengths, weakness, opportunies and threats. The world was in pandemonium because avian influenza was spreading in birds around the world in countries like China, United States of America and some of the third world countries. Although the avian influenza is extremely rare and countries like United States of America only getting approximately thousand reported hospitalized cases, the avian influenza cause a great perturbation as scientist tried different ways to overcome this devastated epidemic. Over the years, scientist classified the avian influenza into different classes of pathogenic diseases as the diseases evolve as time passes.
Nevertheless, human beings started to be contaminate by the poultry industry, wild birds and other human beings, matters became overwhelm exasperation because the remedy for the avian influenza was vaccination and to make matters trounce the vaccination takes a while to manufacture the vaccination. With support and reinforcement from the American Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Agency, scientist could get assistance to deliver and distribute the vaccines around the world in expedited fashion in countries that needs the vaccine especially in third world countries.
Throughout the epidemic or pandemic, although public health sector was greatly affected by avian influenza, that was not the only sector influence by the outbreak of avian influenza; the economy was mainly affected because majority of people around the world was not eating chicken because they were either frightened or petrified of consuming chicken. The economy drastically deteriorates because people around the world stop trading, traveling and buying and selling chicken turning meat eaters and lovers into vegetarians.
Preparedness and Planning
Scientist and Chemist ask themselves the main question which is how can they formulate and prepare for the avian influenza but to first do that they should explore avian influenza and discover when are where avian influenza is more common and the seasonal of the avian influenza. Doctors believe that most of us believe what is the probability of getting avian influenza but...

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