Baby Mother Drama In Everyday Lie - Biblical Literature - Essay

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Diondra Seaberry
Biblical Literature
27th September 2018
Keshia woke up to 7 missed calls from an unknown number. She turned over & kept looking at
the phone saying “who’s this steady blowing up my phone.” She got up and got dress for work
& called her boyfriend Niko because he didn’t respond back to none of her text messages. She
knew something wasn’t right because she called more than 4 times & still no answer. She
decided that instead of going to work she was going to go over to his apartment to make sure
everything was okay. When she got over there she realized that his car wasn’t there & nobody
wasn’t answering the door. She rode around for a little bit more checking spots where she know
he usually be at. She rode pass a hotel called Quaility Inn and seen his blue Cadillac truck. She
knew itwas his truck because he was the only one in town with a truck like that with a sticker on
the back. She pulled up to the hotel and sat in the car for about 5 minutes before she got out . She
went to the front desk ask what room number was Niko Nelson in the lady at the front desk said
room 415. Before Keshia went into the room she called his phone one last time & when she
picked up the first thing he said was baby “I’m otw to you now” she asked him where was he at
he said “leaving my homeboys house” and as he was walking out the room Keshia looked up &
seen it was him and a darkskin girl. Keshia asked Niko who was the chick but she kept getting
smart & starting an argument saying she’s Niko’s girlfriend. She didn’t know what to do , what
to say or how to act because she was hurt by the situation. Keshia ran to her car & left
meanwhile Niko started blowing up her phone trying to explain himself but she wasn’t trying to
hear that. Two days later Niko popped up at Keshia’s s...

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