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PALASHParticipation in sports can help keep teens out of trouble, though it's not guaranteed. Teens who participate in sports tend to have less time to get into trouble. In better physical shape than their sedentary peers, they tend to pay more attention to nutrition than kids who don't play sports. Teen athletes also tend to do better academically and may get a boost in self-esteem compared to th ...view middle of the document...

Number one, sports give kids an activity in which to participate after school, so instead of hanging out and causing trouble they have something to do. Second, sports help kids to focus on goals to become successful.***Sports help those kids to find other activitiesSports help tenagers to focus on something other than trouble. It gives them character development and helps them to build friendships with other people if playing a cooperative sport. Plus, sports helps them to play by the rules, as you have to follow directions, and work hard in sports to become a good player.InjuriesOrganized youth sports take steps to keep young people from getting hurt while playing. But sports are not risk-free and even with the right techniques, players are going to get injured. This is particularly true when they play contact sports such as football, hockey and soccer. Injuries can also occur in basketball, baseball, volleyball and tennis. Youngsters who suffer serious injuries (knee, shoulder, back and neck) might be hesitant to take the field in competitive situations again.


Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates…Or Is It?

631 words - 3 pages me to the edge. My daily activities keep me very busy. Keeping a steady girlfriend while playing football, and also maintaining a weekend job drives me as far as I can go. A person can only do so much. Even though stress can drive you to a level of insanity, I can still handle the load and remain on top. Having a steady girlfriend isn't always bad. Katie, my girlfriend of 2 years is not only my girlfriend, she is my best friend

Opinion: Why are we still hunting lions? - English - Language analysis

900 words - 4 pages “millions” being poured back into Africa’s economy. He immediately shuts down the claim with statistics from multiple pro-hunting organisations saying that only 3% of revenue goes back into the African communities affected by the sport. He quotes that the money that goes back into Africa from hunting ‘pales’ in comparison to the money that comes in from tourism. The point of this argument is to show that hunting is not only bad for the population of

Assignment On Sport In Norway

5854 words - 24 pages national federation is the administration that focuses on one particular sport.Branching from the regional confederations are sport councils, clubs, and teams. On the opposite side of the tree-like structure, and branching from national federations, are regional federations and disciplines ("Norwegian Olympic", 2009). Although the administration splits after the NOC, they do reconvene into "groups". The intersection of the regional confederations and

Ethical Issues With Drug Use In The Sports World

3109 words - 13 pages Ethical Issues in Contemporary Sport: Major PaperDrug Testing should be abolished for athletes in SportAustralian distance runner Ron Clarke argues that there are no drug screening tests available that can catch all those athletes that use performance enhancing drugs. This he concludes, means that the International Olympic Committee should get rid of all testing. This is an option, however, it is not one that is best suited as the solution. It

A Look Into Jehovah's Witnesses - English 102 - Ethnography Research Paper

2444 words - 10 pages Free for extended periods of time is a turn off for many people, however those brave enough to choose cross country as a sport are fully dedicated. Members decide to belong to cross country for varying reasons including exercise/weight loss, preparation for other sports, and social interaction. The members stay because of their team. Ernesto mentioned this when I questioned him about the opportunity cross country provides him with to be a part of a

Sports and Performance Enhancement drugs(PED) Debate - Conventry University - Essay

602 words - 3 pages agree to adhere to the sports spirit. These core values are the essence of Olympism; it is how we play true. The spirit of sport is the celebration of the human spirit, body and mind, and emphasis on ethics, fair play and honesty, excellence in performance. If sportsman can violate these values recklessly, it losts the meaning of competition. It will turn into comparison on chemical drugs instead of advocating the beauty for exploring human’s

What Does The Earth-Warming-Up Mean For The Winter-Sport Industrial Economics This Century?

1698 words - 7 pages Every year more than 8.5 million European tourists go on winter sport holidays. Among these individuals, 150,000 will need medical help due to a broken leg or dislocated shoulder after a serious tumble. Of course, these little accidents inherent to this type of activity will be forgotten a little time after the arrival home. Next season these same tourists will be ready to go back again and enjoy the same passionate sport experience

Dota 2

798 words - 4 pages Free systems and bearing of a videogame, but Dota shares the social impetus of a sport. Its single environment isn't a map, it's a pitch.Dota 2 is a remake of Defence of the Ancients, the Warcraft III mod that laid out the principles of levelling up a hero, pushing lanes and knocking down towers. Many of the games that followed the original DotA sanded down its rougher edges in pursuit of new audiences or alternative business models. That's not the case

How do video game affect people - Grade12 - Essay

953 words - 4 pages tool for children. However, in 2018, it breeds infinite possibility in the future. Game can change the broken side of world. There are three aspects in which games can make the world better: video games become more educational and creative, video games enhance users’ social relationships and increase their confidence, and video games can improve people’s emergent consciousness. Nowadays, student or children can study different cultures through

What Psychological Factors Have Been Found to Impact Olympic-Level Performance? - Barry University - Research Paper

1320 words - 6 pages hard work that makes a unique event for athletes. However, setting aside the magnitude of the event, competing in the Olympics has an extraordinary impact on athletes before, during, and after the event. Thus, to achieve success at the Olympics, it is that there are a number of external and internal factors that may influence on athlete´s performance (Fletcher & Sarkar, 2012). In view of those factors, sport psychology researchers have stated

Forging Connections Through The World Of Sport

870 words - 4 pages ESSAY QUESTION:To what extent does your text, related text, and text of your own choice either reflect or challenge the concept of ‘Forging Connections through the world of Sport.’INTRODUCTION – ASPECT AND THESISThe aspect of public perceptions is influenced by the media’s portrayal of context and culture in regard to the positive and negative connections in sport.SET TEXT State of Origin 25 Years - DVDIn State of Origin 25

Life of Whitman and how he changed literature - English - Essa

925 words - 4 pages The steroid era in Major League Baseball was one of the biggest “black eyes” for the sport to date because it caused numerous problems for the game and everyone surrounding the game. The steroid era opened a whole new world to the players in the league and it had a terrible effect on the game itself. The results of the “steroid era” were not good ones in the slightest and there is no getting around that. Steroids or Performance enhancing drugs

The Effects Of Drug Abuse

1001 words - 5 pages friends do them. Some people get addicted to drugs on accident, for instance a football may be in a situation where they are in a lot of pain from strain from the physical sport that they participate in and they may start taking pain killers and simply get addicted like that. Some athletes may start to use steroids to get an extra edge on their opponent. No matter what the drug or what the reason for taking them the effects could become very

The Argument of Transgender Sports - English 101 - Essay

571 words - 3 pages Brayden Leasure December 2, 2018 The Argument of Transgender Sports The argument of transgender sports is becoming very heated, there seem to be only 2 possible opinions, one is taken by a transgender female, Katelyn Burns. Who herself fell in love with sports yet still struggled with identity. On the other side there is Bob Cohen, a political commentator and writer. He takes the side of the obvious advantages creating an unfair sport that

tennis lesson plan for physical education - western oklahoma state - lesson plan

861 words - 4 pages lifetime sport and is a sport that will keep the individual active along their life span. This is a fun and enjoyable unit that students will want to participate in because of it competitive but also easy nature of the game. Diagram of the activity or skill Lesson Outline: Students will enter the gym and go to assigned spot. (3 min) Attendance is taken (15 min) Warm-up: Aerobic work for 5 minutes continuously Dynamic stretching (Overhead