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Band And Slave Societies Essay

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The primitive man was a savage, he lived in savagery. The spears and the hunting trap were his first instruments for hunting down his preys. He must have felt cold, thus with fire he warmed himself and cooked his food. As time past or went on, he learnt how to make artificial dwelling places to replace his previous dwelling place -the caves and the rocks.It is necessary to note that, with the development of agriculture, man's ways of acting and feeding transformed.Instead of having band and tribe societies, where they moved around, they now settled down, moving to locations with sources of food, water and shelter. The division of labor was also changed, i.e. children gathered wood, and women ...view middle of the document...

There are different chiefs for each of the communes. These communes are then in competition for who will gain the greatest surplus.The different communes are in competition with each other. The communes come to the realization that it would be advantageous to conquer the competing communes to gain their surplus. By conquering the opposing communes they would take over the people of the communes as well. It would be much easier for the victors to have the conquered do the hunting and gathering. In a sense they would be using these people as slaves. This is where one sees the first distinction between classes. The society has moved from a primitive communist society to the first slave society.With the rise of lords, came slavery. Workers, known as peasants, were treated as slaves as they had no real rights.Slaves have now become the means of production in this society. By creating a slave society we have created classes. The arguments between the classes will eventually lead to a new mode of production and hence a new society. Many of the slaves were not only used as a means of production, but also in defense of the surplus. The slaves also become used as a military power. Slave society had internal instability. This is evident in the case of Rome. Rome was a slave society whose downfall was due to the class dialectic between the slaves and the slave owners. Slaves...

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