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The Banning of Guns I am doing my report on the banning of guns in the United Stated of America. I do no think that guns should be banned from the Untied States of America because there is one reason they would be banned for, people shooting one another. But guns are not only used for killing people, they are used for many other things too. People use them for hunting. People would no longer be able to hunt if guns are banned. They are used for hunting deer, birds, or any other animals that are hunted. " About three/fourths of all own at least one gun. The top reason for gun ownership are protecting the home, hunting,and target shooting. Gun violence i ...view middle of the document...

The federal government and all U.S. states have some gun control laws. These laws are based on several strategies: forbidding certain types of people from obtaining any firearms prohibiting any other than the police, the military, and people with special needs from acquiring certain types of guns and requiring purchasers to wait some period of time before purchasing a gun or gun license. The most common gun control strategy attempts to prohibit unresponsible people from obtaining guns. Federal and state laws prohibit people who have been convicted of a felony. Federal law and many state laws also prohibit minors from obtaining guns. Another gun control strategy centers around high-risk guns, guns that are especially likely to be misused. Since 1934 federal law has severely restricted sale and ownership of machine guns and sawed-off shotguns. The Congress of the United States judged these to be high-risk weapons. Since the late 1980s, many people have proposed adding some semiautomatic rifles and pistols to the list of restricted high-risk weapons.These guns require a separate pull of the trigger to fire each round of ammunition but can quickly fire many rounds. In 1994 a federal law prohibited the manufacture and importation of some semiautomatic guns, which are called assault weapons in the legislation. So after I have researched and looked for all the information I could find, I still think that guns should not be illegal. But, I do think t...


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628 words - 3 pages “Guns don't kill people, people kill people” that is the quote from the National Rifle Association. So, what is the real problem with guns in the United States You know many people through history have used guns for good and bad things but recently a surprising number of people think that banning guns is a good idea. They think that it will rid America of gun violence but this isn't very good reasoning. The reasoning behind banning guns

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610 words - 3 pages have to ban guns.Guns should be banned. The presence of guns makes our society insecure. Guns are used every year to commit crimes and murders, all this could stop if we take action now and eradicate the selling and purchasing of guns in public. The best way to do this is by banning guns.

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1652 words - 7 pages Free , rather than making the society safer, banning guns might increase the risk of dangerousness. Instead, people should be allowed to keep their guns because they need to be in control of their protection.    One of the reasons that people are opposed to firearms is because most crimes are committed with firearms. According to the article, “Gun Violence in America: The 13 Key Questions (With 13 Concise Answers)” by Jonathan Stray, claims that America

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440 words - 2 pages don't believe banning guns, is the answer. I do believe more public knowledge and keeping people informed of the dos and dont's of gun use is a must. Finding the source of where these illegal guns are sold is also something we need to spend more money on. If making gun laws stricter include giving proper education before buying, or even touching a gun, than I am all for it. There maybe no real solution now but with more education and knowledge, we can make both armed and unarmed people aware.

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1829 words - 8 pages likely to rob them. On the flip side, it may also create more violence because the burglar might get a gun of his own. Banning high capacity magazines would also help with protecting people from mass shootings, because they can't shoot as much, more people would survive. Also there is no good reason to have high capacity magazines besides having fun. (​ "History of Gun Control." ​​. 25 Mar. 2019) Guns can be helpful for self

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725 words - 3 pages Free shootings from happening because no law can stop crazy people from getting guns to kill many people. They say we already have laws against murders. Their argument completely misses the purpose of gun control. Gun control is not about taking away all guns from the people protected under the Second Amendment, but to limit the damage that modern assault weapons can cause. Gun control is about banning destructive weapons from civilian society. Normal

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1592 words - 7 pages handle a gun safely and some choose to use them inappropriately. But I take the stand that a gun is neither bad or good, it becomes one or the other depending on who and why it is being used. I feel that society benefits from guns in the hands of responsible people and any attempt to keep guns away from these people does more harm than good. Let’s start with a definition of a “responsible person”. This definition is based on information from the

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1190 words - 5 pages Dylan Fisher Dr. Mace Writing Communications November 20, 2017 Guns Complicated Legal Status in Modern America There is perhaps no bigger issue in the United States today than that of the legality of firearms. Firearms have been in our society since its infancy, and they aren't going anywhere. Ever since the founding fathers drafted the constitution, they put emphasis on the ability for the American population to own guns. In recent times guns


2052 words - 9 pages banning them (Alters para. 4)." This shows that you can't just blame guns for all of the problems that have erupted and that you have to account for other weapons that are out there, such as knives. The government can't really take away knives from people so one can argue that they shouldn't be able to take away guns from them either. The article also mentions alternate solutions instead of taking away guns from people. Alters states that advocates

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1604 words - 7 pages automatic or semi-automatic weapons to just anyone. If the United States would place some stricter rules on gun purchases or types of guns, this would not infringe on hunters or average individuals defending their property.  California's process to even buy a gun, is not the most easy process. Which is how it should be. Banning guns is an extreme measure that is not the answer, however having stricter policies and enforcing these rules in the

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2795 words - 12 pages 518), no laws prohibited the carrying of guns in schools. According to Kopel, “It was not uncommon for students to bring guns to school, stored in their lockers or automobiles, to use for hunting or target shooting after school” (518). The banning of guns on school grounds is a relatively new development in American legislature, occurring primarily over the last few decades. School environments have changed drastically in recent history. A wide

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1503 words - 7 pages Jadi Norris Amanda Bartels January 29, 2016 Gun Control in the 21st Century What is the relevance and future of the Second Amendment? Guns are a fundamental part of America. Without guns, the first revolutionaries would have been unable to beat back the British forces that sought to impose rule on the new founded nation. Because of the need for firearms for simple survival during the early days of the country’s founding, the right to bear arms

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1183 words - 5 pages Free reform, we must ask ourselves what’s more important? The lives of innocent children or the right to bear arms? With the increased number of attempted school/mass shootings, it’s fair to come to the decision of banning all guns. The number of casualties and deaths due to fire arms needs to be stopped. We are done sitting back and watching students lives be taken, action must be done. Work Cited "After Parkland." National Review, 19 Mar. 2018, p. 11

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502 words - 3 pages Free as a shotgun and AR in certain states. Most mass shooters are 18 or younger using a long gun. Gun violence in today’s society is really getting out of hand. People should stop looking at small things and start looking at the real cause of gun violence and mass shootings. Mass shootings and gun violence can never go away for good but there is a way to stop a lot of it from happening. Nobody should have a fear of guns if anything people should have a fear of who gets the firearms and how. The way to decrease these shootings is by finding a way to stop certain people from getting their hands on such powerful weapons and not banning the weapons as a whole.

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1759 words - 8 pages and gun control is an essential step towards protecting public safety. In conclusion, the possession of firearms no longer represents practical self-defense & legal sport. Although that was the original purpose of The Second Amendment but it has morphed into what they claim symbolizes “Patriotism”, “Independence”, “Freedom”, “Masculinity” & “The American Way”. Pro-gun citizens feel that the banning of guns is a challenge and attack on their