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BARBARIANS AT THE GATEDesde el inicio de la película, me llamo la atención donde el pequeño niño que andaba repartiendo periódico en el vecindario, tiene una facilidad nata de lo que es la negociación. A sus apenas 12 años ya estaba negociando con los vecinos, donde el objetivo era que le compraran más de sus productos.Años después, ya con unos 18 años aproximadamente, se acerca a la puerta de la gente donde al abrirles me da la impresión que decían en su mente: "no otra vez, un vendedor a mi puerta". Sin embargo, la clave de este chico no está en solo vender por vender, sino cumplir con ...view middle of the document...

Desde inicio me impacto esta parte de negociar, ya que no se trata de solo vender por vender, o que los clientes lleguen solos a tu negocio a comprarte la mercancía; sino que debes llegar a ellos y de manera estratégica llegarles al lado sentimental si es necesario para que se entusiasmen y logres no solo la compra de tus productos, sino la misma lealtad que podría ser duradera.Sin duda, uno de los mensajes sobre el resto de la película, es claro: "camarón que se duerme, se lo lleva la corriente". Esta frase muy de México, lo podemos ver en la película, donde debemos estar en constante movimiento para seguir combatiendo el mercado tan demandante y sobre todo ser el más hábil para seguir luchando en el camino de los negocios.El dinero a través de los tiempos ha ido incrementando, y esta historia bien nos lo indica, fue basada en hechos reales miles y miles de millones de dólares atrás. Al principio me dio risa esta frase, suena muy comita, pero me hizo reflexionar sobre la posición en la que estamos ahorita, reflexionando que en la prehistoria la negociación era entre los humanos por comida, animales, mujer...


Cultural Leftovers From Our Past Civilizations. Alexander The Great. Greece's Influence On Today's Architecture And Education

1648 words - 7 pages . He called it an aeolipile, or "wind ball". His design was a sealed caldron of water placed over a heat source. As the water boiled, steam rose into the pipes and into a hollow sphere. The steam escaped from two bent tubes on the ball, resulting in rotation of the ball. Heron didn't consider this invention as a very useful one. He just thought of it as a toy at the time. Who knew we'd be using his original idea today. Heron also invented the

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440 words - 2 pages City borders on Beichizi Street. The Forbidden City is an architectural surrounded by the high walls, and there are four gates at each corner of the walls. They are the Meridian Gate to the south, the West Flowery Gate to the west, the Gate of Divine Military Genius to the north and the East Flowery Gate to the east. Although the four gates are opened in the daytime, people usually enter the Forbidden City from the Meridian Gate.The Forbidden

Title: Conservation of Energy Lab Purpose: To verify that the total energy of an object doesn't change if the object hasn't done work

667 words - 3 pages the object to pass through the (pg)1.0115s2.0116s3.0118sCalculations:TE = Total EnergyPE = Potential EnergyKE = Kinetic Energym = massg = gravity = 9.81N/kgh = heightCalculating the TE of the small piece of PVC pipe at the top of the tube before we dropped it.PE=mgh=(.0116kg)(9.81N/kg)(1.876m)=0.212JKE=1/2mv"=0JTE=PE+KE=0.212J+0J=0.212JCalculating the Average Speed of the object as it passes through the photo gate..0115s+.0116s+.0118s

England's attempt at imperializing china, how it had less of an impact than expected

449 words - 2 pages Free The English were not as successful at imperializing China as they were India and Africa. The Chinese were a very ethnocentric society, so they would not allow Europeans to influence them as heavily as the Europeans would have liked to. In both of these documents we see this idea of Chinese ethnocentrism demonstrated.In the Chinese emperor's response to Lord McCartney's request to have European trade in China, we see how the Chinese believed that

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698 words - 3 pages 11 Feb 1997Soc 313Film Review 2Disaster at HillsboroughSummaryThe movie 'Disaster at Hillsborough' showed the complexity of a stampede.From the build-up of people outside the gate, to the disaster that ended in the death of 95people.The film started out outside the stadium where 95 people died at a soccer game.The stadium was not equipped for the masses of people to show up all at the same place atthe same time. According to the officer

Symbols in the lord of the flies - Grade 10 - Essay

563 words - 3 pages . The conch as a whole symbol basically just shows how the boys go from classy to “barbarians”. The Painted faces represents when they go full savage, they basically don’t know who they are anymore. The part in the book where Jack is applying the paint to his face or is making his “mask” is where Jack completely loses it, he is so much into to hunting that his hunger to kill a pig keeps growing, and can take it to any extent to get meat. “Jack

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1089 words - 5 pages performed on date ________ Report submitted on date ________ Returned on date ________ Grade___ Objective: Create a traffic light circuits by using the truth table as well as the usage of the block diagram and mutisim. Also to be able to create the traffic light by coding(using the Arduino) and/or Logic gates. Introduction: In order to create the circuits we need to figure out the input and output of the Logic gates(Nor gate and And gate were used

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570 words - 3 pages find examples of imagery. I seemed to find that the imagery that he used involved a lot of personification like the image of deaf heaven not answering his prayers, yet heaven can’t be deaf as that is a human quality given to it. Then I realized that he brought of the lark into the poem and it sings hymns at heaven’s gate and I thought was a great use of imagery not only to think of, but in the change of sadness to hopefulness you can just see the change from an unanswered prayer to singing a holy prayer at heaven’s gate. Also the use of the bird enables flight and hope he could have used any animal, but he chose a bird.

(1)The Commercial And Cultural Changes Faced By Europe In The Postclassical Era

940 words - 4 pages . People of the Middle East still considered Western Europeans as Barbarians at this time. Muslims were also a big threat to Western Europeans up until 900 due to the threat of invasions. Another group of invaders that prolonged the west's weakness were the Vikings from Scandinavia. The only thing that held the west together was the Catholic Church because no significant government or economic forms were available. The Catholic Church almost exactly

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976 words - 4 pages Jiya Bhatia English 9 Honors Period 1 9 October 2018 954 words Sophistication and Civility - Just a Facade Humans are all the same at heart, believe it or not. In Richard Connell's “The Most Dangerous Game”, Richard Connell tells the tale of two hunters, Rainsford and Zaroff, who are more like each other than they think. The readers eventually discover that the main characters’ civilized personas are just facades for their true selves: savages

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732 words - 3 pages . He managed to have the orphanage perform his first great oratorio, Juditha Triumphans devicta Holofernis barbaric, in November. This opera was an allegorical description of the victory of the Christians (Venetians) and the barbarians (the Turks) in August 1716. Antonio was never married and he never had any children. He began studying to be a priest at age 15. Because of his red hair, he got his nickname, "The Red Priest". Not too long after

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748 words - 3 pages closed eyes.p.151” Another instance where Harvey shots Nanuk with a slingshot, “Harvey glanced at me, and his face puckered a smile. He knew he was safe on the other side of the fence. Then with a speed which caught me off guard, he pulled out a slingshot. The stone was fired before I could get down the steps and as far as the gate. It hit Nanuk in the throat”p.152. And finally, another instance where Harvey tried to light the dog on fire with

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750 words - 3 pages around his still closed eyes.p.151” Another instance where Harvey shots Nanuk with a slingshot, “Harvey glanced at me, and his face puckered a smile. He knew he was safe on the other side of the fence. Then with a speed which caught me off guard, he pulled out a slingshot. The stone was fired before I could get down the steps and as far as the gate. It hit Nanuk in the throat”p.152. And finally, another instance where Harvey tried to light the dog

Forgotten Path

869 words - 4 pages doesn’t even try to get up. Her instincts tell her to stay low and crawl as fast as possible. She tires but cannot seem to move. The figure caught her, she just knows it. Kicking and screaming she pleads to be released. Nothing happens. Trembling she opens her eyes to see where she is. At that moment she realizes she can see the back gate near her street. Only a few more yards and she will be safe. But what has the hold on her; she fumbles

Belonging Essay of prescribed text - Tempest - Advanced English Year 11 - Essay

974 words - 4 pages writes, “At thirteen, stumbling over tenses in Caesar’s Gallic War, I forgot my first Polish word. He repeated it so I never forgot. After that, like a dumb prophet, watched me pegging my tents Further and further south of Hadrian’s Wall.” Within this quote Skrzynecki has used figurative language including metaphors and similes, as well as symbolism, an oxymoron and repetition to create an image of distance for the reader, comparing the tension