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Basic Tips: Looking At Choreography Essay

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Shape:Clinical (straight lines) Sharp and structured,Symmetrical / AsymmetricOpen and wide (mostly)Closed and geometricSize:Small and Big movementsWide large movementsExtension from limbs and legsSubtle waves/ ripple of the bodySpreading formationPattern Line:Disjointed (background and foreground depth)Straight linesCurved lines ...view middle of the document...

Duration:Time extended by stillness. Length unknownRhythm:Dancers hold there own rhythm, at times qued by sound.Shape - Soft, angular, jaggedSize - Crunched upLines - Straight, curved, angular, verticalDirection - Level, high, lowLocation in performance space - Evenly out?Tension, force, strength - focused or freeSpeed - Same or change, stillnessDuration - Short, Sharp, constant, how long is the piece?Number of dancersSex of dancersOnly males lifting? Democratic (shared)Clusters of elements?Set, Surroundings?Lighting, shades, shadowsSound?Hope this helps you when comparing pieces and describing the chrorography used.

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