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What's the source of data? It's the natural conversation. We took note from Monica's house during she's phone with her friend.Is it formal or informal conversation? It's informal because of 4 elements 1. No increased structuring of formal event.1.1 Using the utterance such as "Look" and "Well".1.2 No completed sentence such as "Monday night?" and "Oh sorry".2. No seriousness to the occasion.2.1 No serious topic such as dinner, a show, and a concert.2.2 No highly appropriate sentence.For example, "I'd love to go with you" and "I was going to stay in" 3. Not emphasis ...view middle of the document...

He often changes the topic to make her interest such as dinner, show, and concert.What's the setting? It takes place in Monica's house at living room about 6 P.M. . Monica is watching TV while she's on phone.About participant 1. Who are participants in this conversation? - Peter and Monica 2. How is the relationship between them? - They are friends because they use the first name as address term. Maybe, they just make friend each other because they don't use the shortened + the first nameas address term. Also, Monica's role is more dominant than Peter's role. That's because he tries to invite her in many invitations to get her interest.3. What social meaning is reflected from the use of these address terms? - Because they use the first name as the address term, they are the equal status: friend.4. How much chance do participants speak? - There are very much because it's a flexible topic and an informal situation.For example, when Peter asks Monica, Monica can answer and explain her idea. Also, he can talk what he think and how he feel indirectly with her.About the topic 1. What is the topic of this conversation? - This topic is very flexible because it depends on personal preference: Monica's interest. All topic of this conversation is the invitation to see a show, concert, and to have a dinner.2. Is the topic serious? - It's not serious topic because all topic is about going out to see a show, concert, and to have dinner.


Language And Gender: Do Women And Men Talk Differently?

3238 words - 13 pages The research on language and gender has been essential in providing answers regarding the sociolinguistic variation associated with speaker's gender. One of the main topics widely discussed in gender and language research is concerning the difference in language between men and women. This assignment is an attempt to answer the question: Do women and men talk differently? I will thoroughly investigate the question looking at the evidence which

Listening & Reading: Two Tasks Used In Teaching To Develop Discourse Skills In The Classroom

2790 words - 12 pages process as an interactive communicative activity in which the reader plays a crucial role in the interpretation process and in which the text as produced by the writer, includes both facilitating and complicating features that need to be utilised and dealt with. This will enable the ESL students to experience, practice and become more efficient in coping with textual difficulties of the types touch on in this activity. Similar exercises will

To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’ - undergraduate - essay

1758 words - 8 pages amounts of research study literature. Basically, evidence-based care Increased consistency as all patients receive the same level of care This essay has looked at ‘To what extent is evidence-based care necessary for providing effective care?’ exploring the relevance of evidence-based practice in our modern healthcare. Evidence from research can influence decisions and the effectiveness, treatment, interventions and the effects on lifestyle and

Polygamy marriage in the San community and around the world - anthropology - essay

705 words - 3 pages Free -wives. Polygamy is the anthropological term, which can be either polygyny, a man with multiple women, or polyandry, a woman with multiple males. Historically, both practices have been found, but polygyny seems much more frequent than polyandry. I believe that everyone has the right to be in any type of relationship they want weather that means to have one or more partners. Personally, I wouldn’t practice it just because it goes against my morals. It

Professional Accountability: Nursing - Essay

4200 words - 17 pages in line with what the patient wants and needs regarding their healthcare. The second provision follows the same kind of thinking. It basically states that the patient is the priority. Therefore, this provision influences my practice because I need to do things with my patient in mind always. When conflict arises and there are things that I am uncertain of this provision helps guide my decision by putting the patient first. Both of these code of

Paper On Defining Public Relations

856 words - 4 pages many:The Puget Sound Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) states, "Public relations is a management function that establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the publics on whom its success or failure depends."The textbook The Practice of Public Relations defines public relations as a planned process to influence public opinion, through sound character proper performance, base don mutually

the conditions which caused industrial revolution - Level 3 - Essay

1219 words - 5 pages 20th century, the world population growing to six billion people just before the start of the 21stcentury. That’s a 400 percent population increase in a single century. Since the 250 years from the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to today, the world human population has increased by seven billion people. However, despite of the importance of industrial revolution in Britain’s history, there was a huge change in work practice. It basically

Personal Nursing Philosophy Paper - Liberty University Nurs 502 - Assignment

1524 words - 7 pages Free Running Head: PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHY 1 PERSONAL NURSING PHILOSOPHY PAPER 1 Personal Nursing Philosophy Paper Jovana Saunders Liberty University Abstract Nursing philosophy described as a personal definition, I provide a comprehensive discussion of personal philosophy related to accountability, compassion and professionalism that drives my personal practice. Life and career experiences are used to demonstrate application of philosophy

The Four Functions Of Management

1072 words - 5 pages the narrowest, for example, a tactic for accomplishing a specific goal. Planning is never-ending course of action.The planning process consists of several steps. The process begins with environmental scanning, which basically means that planners must be aware of the serious contingencies in front of their organization in terms of economic conditions, their competitors, and their customers. Planners must then try to predict future conditions. These

Instrument Anatomy using a homemade guitar includes material, procedure, and vocabulary - Physics - Physic Essay

1262 words - 6 pages . First blueprint turned in and approved. . . . . . . . . . Tuesday /Wednesday April 23/24 Include materials. (10 points) 2. Instrument is basically constructed. Test the notes as you go and adjust. Testing of instrument is done and song is picked out. Modify (fine tune) your instrument so you can play the song you want with the right notes. Practice song and presentation. Start th final write up and sketch. Thursday/Friday April 25,26 3. Class

Comparative Analysis on Initiation and Merit of Human Rearing Practices and Transhumanism - AP English Language and Composition - Research Paper

2931 words - 12 pages Free natural selection and survivability, yet the tremendous sacrifice needed by parents makes philosophers contemplate about the spiritual stimulation of the practice. In The Symposium, Socrates, the classical Greek philosopher who was credited as one of the founders of Western philosophy, mentioned his reflect on the practice directly: And in this way, Socrates, the mortal body, or mortal anything, partakes of immortality; but the immortal in another

Healthcare Comparison between US and India - FIU HSA 3112 - Essay

1088 words - 5 pages India is a country that is considered to have rich culture as it is made up of more than one religion. Though majority of Indians practice Hinduism (80%), there are other religions that can also be found all throughout India. Religion such as: Islam, Sikhism, Christianity, Buddhism and Jainism. Different cultures, languages and healthcare practices are found due to such diversity in religion in India. My family is from Gujarat state located in

Criminal Justice System

1288 words - 6 pages hood sitting on his or her jury? Basically, the Founding Fathers had in mind a jury of common people, without rank or privilege - the man or woman on the street, so to speak. What they did not have in mind is a high-priced "jury selection consultant" trying to skew the jury in favor of one person or another. We also don't need a "quota system" that tells us if the defendant is black a certain number of jurors must be black. What that says is

abortion annotated bibliography - chamberlian university - annotated biliography

1348 words - 6 pages Categorical Imperative?. Ethical Theory & Moral Practice, 18(3), 595-614. doi:10.1007/s10677-014-9546-4 In the following article, Yudanin (2015) talks about the Kant’s ethical philosophy, the Categorial Imperative. The Categorial Imperative is expressed in two formulations. Number one, “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law”. This basically means don’t be a hypocrite. Don’t hold

Sociology project work for this semester - university - project

821 words - 4 pages past trends. This article basically reflects future of American education on the basis of assumption. The article is based on predictions only, it may not be correct. The article did analysis on race and education in America, reasons for racial inequality, socio-economic inequality and its sources, and future inequality under system change. Efforts to reduce gaps in educational outcomes that have been successful in targeted cases will need to be