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Basically Practice Of Sociolinguistic Essay

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What's the source of data? It's the natural conversation. We took note from Monica's house during she's phone with her friend.Is it formal or informal conversation? It's informal because of 4 elements 1. No increased structuring of formal event.1.1 Using the utterance such as "Look" and "Well".1.2 No completed sentence such as "Monday night?" and "Oh sorry".2. No seriousness to the occasion.2.1 No serious topic such as dinner, a show, and a concert.2.2 No highly appropriate sentence.For example, "I'd love to go with you" and "I was going to stay in" 3. Not emphasis on ...view middle of the document...

He often changes the topic to make her interest such as dinner, show, and concert.What's the setting? It takes place in Monica's house at living room about 6 P.M. . Monica is watching TV while she's on phone.About participant 1. Who are participants in this conversation? - Peter and Monica 2. How is the relationship between them? - They are friends because they use the first name as address term. Maybe, they just make friend each other because they don't use the shortened + the first nameas address term. Also, Monica's role is more dominant than Peter's role. That's because he tries to invite her in many invitations to get her interest.3. What social meaning is reflected from the use of these address terms? - Because they use the first name as the address term, they are the equal status: friend.4. How much chance do participants speak? - There are very much because it's a flexible topic and an informal situation.For example, when Peter asks Monica, Monica can answer and explain her idea. Also, he can talk what he think and how he feel indirectly with her.About the topic 1. What is the topic of this conversation? - This topic is very flexible because it depends on personal preference: Monica's interest. All topic of this conversation is the invitation to see a show, concert, and to have a dinner.2. Is the topic serious? - It's not serious topic because all topic is about going out to see a show, concert, and to have dinner.

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