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America's fascination with comic books and cartoons filled with superheroes has created an empire of almost epic proportions. Upon my arrival in America, two of the myriad of comic book characters on offer immediately captured my attention, - Batman and Superman. I was informed by those "in the know" that Superman is the greatest superhero there is, and Batman never seems to get enough credit. After watching a great number of Batman and Superman cartoon episodes respectively, I reached the conclusion, that Superman's reputation is somewhat unfounded. Personally, I believe, that there is overwhelming evidence to support the contention that in fact Batman, who by the way, is a regular hum ...view middle of the document...

His qualities of kindness and generosity play second fiddle to his x-ray vision and ability to fly. It is dangerous to create a role model out of a character who's most tremendous qualities a human cannot ever hope to possess. Furthermore I purport that it is dangerous to do so. Unlike Superman, Batman is a regular human, who was resolved to devote his life to crime fighting following his parents murder. Growing up, Bruce Wayne used his fortune to create a fully equipped crime-fighting center, and train his helpers; Robin and Batgirl. He fights crime with no superpowers, relying only on his will, knowledge, discipline, training, billions of dollars, amazing butler, friends and a cave full of military-issue technology (sarcasm aside). These resources enabled Batman to protect Gotham from evil geniuses countless times. His image is intimidating to all evil. He is often referred to as the Dark Knight and the Guardian of Gotham. Batman's exploits at least rival if not exceed those of Superman. It is also important to ascertain and evaluate the influences behind each superheroes outfit. First and foremost, it is crucial for any superhero to make sure that his clothes are comfortable, good-looking and helpful in fighting crime. Batman's suit fits all these criteria perfectly. Superman's suit, made by his mother, is nothing more t...


Case Conceptualization of Batman - Theories of Psychology - Assignment

1601 words - 7 pages track the number of sleep disturbances Batman experiences. He would be expected to engage in a behavioral outcome of telling one other person about his parent’s murder. Eventually he could be expected to engage in a behavioral outcome of telling another person about his dual role as Bruce Wayne. Finally, Batman’s progress in treatment would be measured by his own report of improvement in the quantity and intimacy level of his relationships. In

Models Of Behavior And Principles Of Learning

1839 words - 8 pages possible models, a model's observed behavior will be most influential when it is seen as having reinforcing consequences; the model is perceived positively, liked and respected; there are perceived similarities between features and traits of the model and the observer; the observer is rewarded for paying attention to the model's behavior; the model's behavior is visible and salient, standing out as a clear figure against the background of competing

A Submission of an Essay I wrote for English - Holmes CC English - Essay

1035 words - 5 pages for change in her community and its surrounding areas, she willingly stepped up to the plate determined to make a difference. When I asked her why she decided to give back, she said, “I wanted to be someone the younger generation could turn to and seek guidance from.” She dedicated her time and efforts to be a positive role model for the younger generation in her community. She strived to persuade every child that change will greet them one day

Values Of Heroes Essay

520 words - 3 pages /actresses that people idol. One such idol is Britany Spears. She is one of many female pop musicians, however she is mainly referred to when it comes to being a role model for other girls. Many teenage girls try to dress and wear make-up the way Britany Spears does, but many adults feel that teens should not model themselves after her. There aren't any people now that others feel are the perfect citizen of society. There is no way a person could be

Essay On I'm Ok; You're A Bit Odd

288 words - 2 pages Summary of "I'm OK; You're a Bit Odd" Paul Chance's essay "I'm OK; You're a Bit Odd" presents four different models for defining mental health: the Platonic ideal model, the psychodynamic model, the societal model, and the statistical model. He explores the issue of what behavior is considering healthy and which is not with each of these models. The Platonic Ideal model refers to the perfect specimen of psychological

Duddy Kravitz and his major influences - school - essay

962 words - 4 pages made Duddy believe that Dingleman was who Duddy should become, that this "Boy Wonder" was a perfect role model. Finally, we have Max Kravitz, he inspires Duddy to work hard to achieve his goals, he’s not known to be the best dad but he does a good job in motivating him. Duddy’s perception of success is forged by his 3 influences and through them his goals become reality by coming up with a combination of both trickery and intelligence. Duddy's

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1009 words - 5 pages . However, there was a double standard for the role women played. [2: Cole, Art of the Renaissance, pg. 7] [3: Cole, Art of the Renaissance, pg. 8] The courtiers discussed the characteristics that an ideal courtier should have throughout most of the book. They mentioned qualities, activities, and values that make a courtier perfect. Count Lodovico said that a courtier needs to come from a good family since this motivates a higher performance

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728 words - 3 pages holding her strongly like he is her protector. Basically, the media is supporting the idea that woman major role is more likely to search for romance, and attention. Hence, women tend to have the insignificant helpless maiden roles to represent. As I said above, women are underrepresented; the way the media is valorizing women I think isn’t appropriate and real. From that “perfect sexy attire” or either “perfect body” to the helpless creature. The

Parent Versus Celebrity Influences On People - English - Essay

598 words - 3 pages Parent Versus Celebrity Influences on People Have you ever wanted to look and be just like a celebrity? A lot of teens and young adults do. Today's technology allows social media to’ be easily accessible to young children, allowing for celebrities to play a major part in influencing children’s behavior, when most believe it’s the parents job to influence a child’s behavior. Celebrities can be a negative role model for teens when it comes to

Financial Planning Process In An Engineering Business

1253 words - 6 pages ) up to the tropopause. The standard tropopause altitude is 11,000 m (36,089 ft). Therefore, the air which is considered as a perfect gas in the ISA model presents the following characteristics within the troposphere: 1000 (m)5.60 hTT −= (1) or 3 1000 (ft)98.10 hTT −= (2) For simple estimations, Equation (2) can be assumed 1000 (ft)20 hTT −= (3) The temperature remains at a constant value of -56.5°C (216.65°K) from the

Comparison Between "King Lear" And "A Streetcar Named Desire"

1918 words - 8 pages Free several reversals proves that he does not stay loyal to the Aristotelian model for tragic heroes.Therefore, we see that even though Aristotle's Poetics was written way back in history, it still plays an important role on the author's work. But, modern plays do not follow the model as closely classic ones as proven above. Williams uses more symbolic imagery, intrigues the audience and catches its attention more so than Shakespeare. Shakespeare stays

The Great Gatsby- Close To Perfect - Honors English - Essay

588 words - 3 pages reasons. Brick is loved by a lot of everyone, he is treated as an only child by his parents. He has the good looks, and the athletic body that portrays him as a Greek God. But he is only able to find peace with himself through one thing and that one thing is alcohol. If Brick had given up drinking, he would have been the ultimate role model of a “real man.”


509 words - 3 pages I’m cradled in my nest, huddled against my mothers warm body. I have always admired her. She has such presence and is a role model for any seagull. I am warm and content. Suddenly she stands up and flaps her wings as if to take off in flight. A fresh sense of fear clings coldly to my heart. “Flap your wings and come to me,” she coaxes. I stare at her in wild disbelief. I am still so immature. “Don’t look down yet!”

Why Antonio Brown is a Hero - Essay

648 words - 3 pages A hero is someone people can look up to for advice and be helpful to people when they are struggling. A hero should be inspiring to people across the world. The hero should be a good role model for young people. Antonio Brown is a great inspiration to a large community of his supporters and followers, who he motivates to work hard. The three reasons I think Antonio Brown is a hero are that he is very generous overcame many obstacles throughout

The Correlation Between Physical Appearance And Shyness

3937 words - 16 pages implied matrices, with 0 indicating a perfect fit. Finally, we can evaluate the models in terms of their explanatory value in accounting for the depression scores--the main outcome variable in each of them; this value is given by the percentage of variance in the depression scores explained by the variables preceding depression in the model.Evidence of a model with a good fit is a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for establishing the validity