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21 September 2018
Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother Critique
In “Adapt from the Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother”, Amy Chua explains her ideal way of parenting with words of savageness on a bunch of Western values as she favorably compares the Chinese way of parenting, with the Western way. Focusing on how their mindsets are different. She has a very strong belief that American parents are too lenient with the success of their kids and that is why they are not as intelligent. Instead of preparing their kids for the future and giving them the skills they will need, Western parents what to respect their kids and their ideas. Let them make their own choices and pursue their own ideas by giving them a “nurturing environment”.
Chua believes that Chinese children are more successful because of the way they were raised. She just wants what is best for her kids and thinks that the only way to do that is to be the strictest she can be. Chinese parents are able to get away with things that Western parents can’t because they have different attitudes towards their kids. First is that Chinese parents expect strength in their children while Western parents, “are extremely anxious about their children’s self-esteem” (306). Since they are worried about their kids feeling and don’t want to hurt them they aren’t as blunt and don’t expect as much out of them as Chinese parents do. This causes the children to behave differently, one example is that if a child came home with an A-minus or even a B westerns parents would be so proud of their kids and not be disappointed. On the other hand, if a Chinese child came home with one of those grades their parents would sit them down for hours going over homework to make sure they get a perfect grade, they believe that they can get those grades so they push them as hard as possible. An interesting accusations Chua states is that
a Chinese child getting a B, “would never...

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