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Explanation of Human BehaviorHow did psychology evolve into a science?The word "science" fall under many different definitions but when it comes to psychology let's assume it involves the scientific method and theories. The word "psychology" is broadly agreed that psychology is the study of behavior and the mind. The main aim of psychology is to describe, predict, understand and control or modify behavior. Psychology evolved into a science by it starting with observations, hypothesis, experimentation, analysis, conclusion and theory. This has expanded today.What are ...view middle of the document...

Cognitive Perspective focuses on how people think, comprehend, and know the world, and on how our ways of thinking about the world influences our behavior. Humanistic Perspective suggests that all individuals naturally strive to grow and develop, and to control their lives and behavior. Psychodynamic Perspective considers behavior to be motivated by inner forces and conflicts about which we have little awareness and over which we have little control ("Essentials of Understanding Psychology", 2014).A long-standing debate in the field of psychology is the degree to which nature and nurture shape human behaviors and traits. How would you describe the interaction between genetic potential, environmental influences, and personal choice?Genetic potential is basically the theoretical optimum performance capability which an individual could achieve in a specific activity which leads to and relates to environmental influences and personal choice. Genetics can definitely limit your personal choices in life. One example would be a person with a severe heart condition that wants to become a navy seal. Environmental influences can also limit one's personal choices in life. An example of this would be someone who wants to play on a major league baseball team for the State of Tennessee; the problem arises with the state not having a major league baseball team.ReferencesExplanation of Human Behavior. (2014). Retrieved from of Understanding Psychology. (2014). Retrieved from (2014). Retrieved from

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