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Behavioral Management Essay

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STEPS IN PROBLEM SOLVING/DECISION MAKING PROCESSDefine the ProblemProblem solving or decision-making is an unavoidable facet of life. I once heard a saying, "Any decision made is a wise decision and the decisions that are not made are the unwise decisions because you never experience the outcomes whether good or bad."Today, I am faced with a decision to make that has been my concern for some time. In this paper, I will discuss this problem and the steps taken in analyzing the same in order to make my decision. The people who will help me solve my problem are my closest friends Sophie, Chuck, Lucille and Isula. They are all my seniors and have years of wisdom and I draw on them for support, ...view middle of the document...

It is primarily to control employee behavior.The current condition of this situation is that management is of the Theory X view. They believe that employees are lazy and must be coerced to work. There is no employee empowerment, as management controls everything and employee contributions are not valued at all. Isula and Lucille have worked for this company for 20 years. During this time, they have seen the company made some progression but very little. As a matter of fact, according to them management's style was worst in the past. However, they do agree that this environment is no place for an individual like myself. They don't want me to become like them, pieces of furniture.The true desired condition for the organization to be one that values its employees creates incentives, continuous learning in order to remain competitive, and appreciating customers to say the least. In my branch there are 33 persons who are simply caught in the woodwork and can't seem to leave. It would be remarkable if the corporate structure could be reshaped to accommodate all these miserable individuals. In this scenario, the ideal desired condition would be to achieve the greatest good for the greatest number, thereby, benefiting all employees.Other desired alternatives include me working in another organizations that foster the desired conditions as stated above. One that values its employees and motivate them to achieve all they possibly can. It is a value driven organization. Another is that management can be changed and new executives can be hired in their place. Visionary executives who see have a cognitive view of the organization and understand how all the intricate factors affect the company's overall performance. Finally, employees can be more involved in decision-making process as it relates to the organization and offer ownership. This fosters a sense of belonging and responsibility in the company. At present, employees have a "don't care" attitude about most things because their sense of accountability is missing.Of all the desired conditions mentioned, the best one for me is working in an organization that motivates its employees and is value driven. I conclude to this end because of all the others mentioned, this is the most feasible condition. To explain, generally, people are resistant to change. They may like the results, but do not like to go through the process of achieving the results. Restructuring my organization can be done, but it will be difficult because people are so set in their own ways. Also, even though the current work environment is not so favorable, no one else is making an effort to elevate themselves or even separate themselves from the organization and seek employment elsewhere. Hence, as much as I would like to see us all work in an organization that is progressing, I know that it is not possible at this time. The organization as a whole is not ready to embrace this change. Even though I would like the decision to achieve the...

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