Being Raised By A Single Parent Savannah Tech / English Observation Essay

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Alexus Livingston
English 1101 and (CRN)
Essay 1 (Observation Paper)
October 31, 2017
Being Raised By a Single Parent
My mother changed the way I view life every day. She has taught me to be independent, ambitious, and confident. She taught me to grow from my mistakes and strive for being the best. She also showed me that life is not easy and that curve balls would be thrown in my direction in any direction. My mother is the strongest woman I know. We all know it takes two parents to conceive a child. My father was never around. My father disappeared when I was 3 months old and till this day I have yet to meet him. My mom had to start working more than she was to provide for her family on her own. I barely got to see her as much as I used to. I knew my mom was busy doing all these different things to provide not only for her but for me and my oldest sister. As the years went by and I grew older I had to learn to do things for myself and not add more stress to my mom’s plate. Instead of waiting on my mom to get off from work tired and restless, my oldest sister and I would already have dinner done, our homework done and ready to go to bed. Nothing in my household was normal. Anyone can be a mom or a parent but it takes a strong person to be a parent, a single parent at that. All of the obstacles...


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