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High School.You either had a good time, or you absolutely hated it. To me, the desire to fit in and feel a belonging was paramount as a freshman joining a sea of new faces and cliques, not to mention the unfamiliar territory I would be spending the next four years. Intimidation and fear were a couple of the emotions I experienced at first. But after some coarse tuning and a little faith, I was a typical "high school kid."I recognized early the need to have friends. And to me, the more friends I could get the better. I didn't care what ethnicity, social status, or cli ...view middle of the document...

It was also a great way to meet girls, which was of course the motivation to get up and go to school each day.As I got through my sophomore year, I realized I wanted to do more. Since singing in choir wasn't the "coolest" thing to do, I decided to try out for the schools baseball team. I was a decent ball player, and after the first couple of practices I gained the respect of my fellow teammates and was considered part of the team. The friendships I would make playing baseball would last a lifetime. As I look back, it was at that point I had achieved belonging in my mind. I felt accepted by my peers, and most importantly a boost of self-confidence and the realization that I was "one of them."In no way was I a "popular" high school kid. If anything I was an extremely average character who did okay scholastically, could hold a note, and could hit a baseball. I was scared, and I struggled to make connections at first like most high school students. Overall I believe I employed motivation to participate, and to have my hands in as many buckets as possible with the ultimate goal to earn friendship and acceptance from anybody willing to notice. And in the end I feel that I adopted the nice guy, baseball playing choirboy identity. If there is such a thing.


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585 words - 3 pages Nadia Helwe Year 11 How belonging and not belonging changes according to our context The concept of belonging through our life is an obstacles of trials, hardships and austerity. Belonging and not belonging has altered perspectives according to context. Vast alterations emerging towards people affect the context in

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974 words - 4 pages Belonging Essay How are aspects of belonging used in your text to convey ideas about the human experience? Belonging is not a fixed state, but a changeable spectrum, ranging from themes of alienation to perfect belonging, with a vast territory of possible human experiences in between. An individual’s sense of placement within this spectrum varies between people and is created from our personality traits, personal circumstances, and the

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3199 words - 13 pages This essay will discuss being, belonging, doing and becoming, as well as a variety of psychological concepts including self-efficacy, motivation, stress, observational learning, conformity and obedience in terms of a chosen occupation. My chosen occupation which I participate in regularly is soccer. Soccer is a game engaged in by two teams with 11 players each. The objective is to progress the ball into the opposition’s goal, usually by kicking

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345 words - 2 pages In Song of Solomon, a novel by Toni Morrison first set in the 1930's and continuing throughout the 1960's, the character of Milkman embarks on a journey, taking him to different places (both geographically and spiritually) in search of his family heritage and sense of belonging. The mystery in the storyline lies within his ancestors' lives, such as Macon Dead and the mystical Solomon. Through the novel, Milkman gains knowledge and belonging, and

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886 words - 4 pages English Othello Essay A lack of identity and connections to family and society creates barriers that restrict an individual’s true sense of belonging. Barriers can consist of an inability to be accepted for who and what you are or where a society can deny you an ability to develop a sense of self. Both the play "Othello" by William Shakespeare (1603) and the film "The Giver" directed by Phillip Noyce (2014), explore the concept of belonging

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1163 words - 5 pages ., 2001). Studies in the field of social psychology into social influences (conformity and normative influence) have supported this phenomenon. For example, it has been found that individuals conform because of their need to be accepted and feel that they belong to a group. This is because belonging to a group is rewarding and the group has the power to punish those that don’t fit in (for instance, by exclusion). Baumeister & Levy (1995) suggest

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362 words - 2 pages , and boys can do the same. She can't even decide whether to name her cat Charles or Charlina, and she calls it a Persian even though it's a short-haired cat. Like her life, her imaginary world is a world of in-betweenness.Frankie shows how she matures by going from a fabricated sense of belonging, to a feeling of true belonging. She grows from a childish "Frankie," to a confused "F. Jasmine," and eventually to a matured Frances. When F. Jasmine

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553 words - 3 pages system of governing. He believes in liberty, equality and fraternity. The quote demonstrates a disruption in sense of belonging because the third estate was not treated the same as nobility. It also disrupts pride in a nation because of the cruel and unjust system that France was built on. In absolute monarchy, it was considered a sin to rebel or speak out against the king. In that case, the citizens’ freedom of speech is being violated and


294 words - 2 pages The annual sunflower is a genetically and morphologically variable species belonging to the genus Helianthus. Sixty seven species are identified under the genus Helianthus and two of these, Helianthus annuus and Helianthus tuberoses, are known to be cultivated as food and several other species are grown as an ornamental plant. The principal ones being H. annuus, H. argophyllus T. & G. and H. debilis Nutt among the annuals and H. decapetalus

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1528 words - 7 pages L’Écriture Migrant Comparative Essay Neshann Lacuesta The pursuit of identity and belonging is experienced inevitably by people who are affected by migration and colonisation. The novels L’Amant (1984) by Marguerite Duras and L’Africain (2004) by J.M.G. Le Clézio explore characters who tackle this quest of identity, particularly the two protagonists, who both feel oppressed by the place which the society implies they belong to. Both texts are

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1285 words - 6 pages female children are labeled as "John's son", "Mary's daughter" and the like. Although we are given a personal name, for the most part, we are identified as belonging to our parents. For the female child, this belonging identity has only begun compared to the male who develops a personal identity. In the event a female has a brother, she is normally referred to as "Chris' sister"; to where the brother is

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501 words - 3 pages Contrasting and comparing the outreach programmes of The Royal Court Theatre and The Clean Break Theater company The two theatres have considerably different but equally socially important outreach programmes that help enrich the lives of many within the community and help create a positive sense of belonging – however their target audiences are different. The Clean Break is a women – only theatre company that focuses mainly on the

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471 words - 2 pages . “Belonging to one group at the right time can mean the difference between unemployment and employment, a good job to a bad job, housing or a shelter, and so on”. (Pg.1013). Belonging to a group of higher status will make your appearance seem greater. What strategy is used? “The logic of Stupid Poor People”, by Ms. Cottom uses an ethical appeal because the author is open-minded, fair, honest, and knowledgeable about her subject. Her argument is about

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647 words - 3 pages belonging in the world can serve as a risk factor for suicide. The article “Preventing Suicide through Connectedness” talks about the concept of connectedness which as stated is “The degree to which a person or group is socially close, interrelated or shares resources with other persons or groups” (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2011)). This concept can be found in any interactions a person exhibits whether with friends, teachers, family

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346 words - 2 pages Free sometimes be difficult and misunderstood especially over the Internet.Various cultures are also a factor for people belonging to a global Internet community. As people are raised in different cultures, it thoughts and ideals would differ, and hence the way they present there information and thoughts would also be different due to the influences of there own cultures.Time zones become a factor in global communities that implement 'real time chat