Belonging Hsc Area Of Study, For 2010 Yr 11 Assignment

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Nadia Helwe Year 11
How belonging and not belonging changes according to our context
The concept of belonging through our life is an obstacles of trials, hardships and austerity. Belonging and not belonging has altered perspectives according to context. Vast alterations emerging towards people affect the context in which we choose to belong or not belong.
Belonging to a particular group or people expands due to our context and surroundings. The inner core of belonging enlarges the uttermost concept of belonging according to context. The unimpeachable sense of childhood expends the knowing thought of belonging. Belonging through divergent ages sets a boundary of difference between birth, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The diversity and synthesis of belonging has innovated the way citizens have structured their mind and modality to receive and comprehend the composition of belonging. Belonging has flattered the majority of people by fitting everyone’s sense of style and personality. Throughout childhood our sense of belonging alters into a completely different state and mind, it expands as children interact with others alternative than family and well known connections. A child’s mentality of belonging upholds an utterly different status and thought of belonging than adults. The innocence and naïve presence that blooms from a child holds a different satisfactory psychological perception with the world and how it manufactures. The age of adolescents and adulthood is when the differentiation between right and wrong becomes a norm. Belonging through different perceptions help make out surroundings according to context. Belonging is the vessel and conglomerate of life which navigates the automatic changes according to the alteration of context.
The aspect of not belonging changes according to context as the environment and surroundings transfigure. Not...

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