Benefits Of An Increasing Use Of Computers

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What Benefits are Likely to Result from an Increasing use of Computers?A computer is a device that accepts information in the form of digitalized data and manipulates it for some result based on a program or sequence of instructionson how the data is to be processed . Modern computers inherently follow the ideas of the stored program laid out by John Von Neumann in 1945 . Essentially , the program is read by the computer one instruction at a time , an operation is performed and the computer then reads in the next instruction . Nowadays , computers are devised in order to allow multiple programs to work on the same problem at the same time.Computers in the workplace became a national level project in 1988 . The increasing use of computers helps to facilitate complex works but skilled or well- trained human workers are required . Due to modern technology such as nano technology , a quantum compu ...view middle of the document...

Nowadays work can even be done at home using computers . For example , 21 million American work at home at least 2 or 3 days a week using computers and telecommunications technology .The increasing use of computers in schools increases the motivation of students . This is because students enjoy getting information from screens whether computers , television or video . Computer applications such as spreadsheets and database . It is important for secondary students to be computer literate so that when they graduate, they are well prepared for higher education and the world of work . There are also special adaptive hardware and software which help students who are physically impaired or academically challenged . Students can complete their works or projects in short time intervals.Apart from the benefits , the disadvantages are as follows . For example , researches have found that students who is exposed to computers for a longer period may lag behind in learning . It is also found that students who used computers regularly lag behind in education as their performance declines.The increasing use of computers has a profound impact on workers . For example , if more computers are introduced in a work , workers who are not skilled or well-trained may become unemployed . The use of computers in the workplace leads to greater efficiency and productivity and hence productivity per worker is decreasing . Computers make the process faster and more widespread than a worker . Businesses are downsizing and trend towards part-time and temporary jobs .Sometimes both parents have to work to maintain a middle-class lifestyle.Nowadays , secret information cannot be stored in a computer since it may be found by hackers who are waiting to steal these information. Hackers can also intercept our computer communications such as e-mails . Hence computers can only be used for workswith no secret information.Finally , it can be concluded that the increasing use of computers consists of both advantages and disadvantages . People who are computer literate will easily get a job and those who are illiterate might lose their jobs . Computers help us to save time and energy .


Pedagogical Role Of Computers Paper

559 words - 3 pages obedient. That is to say they force us to be active users. We are complelled to query,search and dig out the information we need. They also obey our commands literally and enable us to use them as an effective tool.Thus we learn to take initiatives and most importantly we learn how to learn.Tu sum up, computers give the best performace when they are used as slaves or tools. The main achievement in this manner is the active participation and initiative of student. While we order computers, we are not exposed only to knowledge but also basic skills of taking efficient instruction. Coping with them carefully and exploiting them consciously can bring about the desired outcomes.

Essay On The Evolution Of Computers

738 words - 3 pages 1998 to use the ?value-added? approach and present the consulting services to Federal Customers. Dell help in the migration process from old legacy systems to the Microsoft Windows NT.Dell was abale to sustain his market share py constantly starving for improvement and close look at the technology. Whenever Intel had introduced the new processor, Dell was there imidietly with its ?new line of the computers. Compony was able to price and offer the prudoct within seven days since thetechnology upgrade.

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Paper On History Of Computers In America

2950 words - 12 pages machining techniques used at the time and the lack of demandfor such a device (Soma, 46).After Babbage, people began to lose interest in computers. However, between 1850 and 1900 there were great advances in mathematics and physics that began to rekindle the interest (Osborne, 45). Many of these new advances involved complex calculations and formulas that were very time consuming for human calculation. The first major use for a computer in the U.S. was

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