Benefits Of Music And How It Effects Your Life And Health - English - Argumentative Essay

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11 January 2019
Argumentative paper
From the beginning of time, women have always played a powerful role in shaping this
world. There are many different examples of how women are not treated fairly compared to men,
whether it be the opportunities they are not given due to skill level or just the unfair advantage of
not being male. In the story “Shakespeare’s Sister” Woolf explains how women were not given
the same rights and how they were not given the same opportunities that men were given. It has
been proven multiple times again and again that women should deserve the same rights as men,
but they are not given the opportunity to do such things as men are able to do.
The reason women struggle to obtain the same rights as men is because they are thought
of as a house wife, which means staying at home and should be in the kitchen cooking, taking
care of the house and the kids in the family if there are kids present. While men are thought of as
the workers and the ones to do all the outside work that does not include the household
responsibilities. In Woolf’s story it states, “she (Judith Shakespeare) was the slave of any boy
whose parents forced a ring upon her finger” (Woolf 48). This quote from Woolf shows that
women were free and able to express themselves until they were forced to be married. Once
women got married they were considered slaves of their husband.
One example of women not being treated the same as ...

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