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Janayah Cutchins
Prof. Njai
April 27,2018
Poverty Affects Education
What is poverty? Poverty means to be extremely poor. Poverty is a big game
changer In America but especially for educators. Children and teens suffer with
receiving a poor education due to missing a lot of school days. Students that come from
a poor background tends to suffer when it comes to being educated. Poverty in America
impacts the education system. Student's education is suffering from low funds within the
parent or parents. Secondly, parents become stressed taking care of their children while
in poverty. Lastly, young children are not ready educational wise for school.
Student's education is suffering from their parent's low funds. When children do
not eat a well-balanced meal when they are supposed to, student's brains will not
function correctly with an empty stomach. For example, a wittier from "How Does
Poverty Affect Education" states "When children do not eat regular, well-balanced
meals, their bodies are more susceptible to a variety of illnesses, like untreated ear
infections and asthma. Students who suffer from these chronic health issues are absent
more often than other students, which causes them to fall behind." This piece of
evidence describes how parents can't afford nutritious meals for their children and that
can lead to poor health issues and less focus on school work for students. Students can
fall far behind in their studies if they do not have a well-balanced meal to keep them
focused in school work.
Parents become stressed taking care of their children while in poverty. When
struggling to figure out what you need to do for your child the next day and don’t have
the funds to do so is very stressful as a parent, but as a single parent that stress can
lead to less sleep and a grumpy attitude. An article "How Does Poverty Affects
Education" "Studies show that many of these students live in single-parent households.
When only one adult provides for a child’s needs, that parent suffers a great deal of
stress; they struggle financially, and they often get inadequate rest." When a parent gets
stress while taking care of their kid's needs parents fail to realize that when they take
their anger out on their children the child's behavior changes. In addition, A. Driscoll a
writer from an article named "Poverty and The Effects on Children and Parents"...

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