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Some parents think the best way to influence their children is to negotiate and be
encouraging. Other parents use pressure on their children, forcing them to do things. Which position do you prefer? Why is it better? Discuss three significant effects of the approach you choose. Provide convincing specific examples, details, and personal experience (your own or that of others).
A. "Smiling more and enjoying life," said Hani Al-Qasem. As Al-Qasem said, when children are more confident, they smile more and enjoy their life instead of being hesitant.
1. Living unforgettable experiences increases happiness.
a. Throwing parties with friends.
b. Travelling alone.
2. Sharing life with people who love and respect you.
a. Be amusing and never be angry with relatives.
b. Have many friends and always be polite and respectful.
B. "Refusing to be held back by fear," said Hani Al-Qasem. As AL-Qasem said, being scared is the worst feeling one could feel.
1. Not be shy and face the consequences.
a. Keep calm in embarrassing situations.
b. I try to be talkative when I meet new people.
2. Never give up.
a. I have a friend with a mental disability, but despite his illness, he goes on with his life.
b. My friend is used to failing first exams. In spite of bad marks, she always tries to pass the following exams thanks to all her effort.
A. Children make their own decisions 1. "Giving him/her a chance to explore, opine, and figure things out," said IPSC in a little booklet written to provide parents with information.
a. My parents have always given me the opportunity to decide my future life.
b. When I was young, I used to touch and untidy everything I had on my hands.

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