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Essential Question: To what extent do historical figures still influence us today?
ASSIGNMENT: The Board of Directors at TIME Magazine have decided to invite a variety of different historical people into their offices to make a speech to determine the “Most Influential Person” in World History. YOU (representing your historical person) will be participating in a discussion explaining why you should win this great honor.
Each student will sign up for one specific person in history. These historical figures will come from our discussions throughout the year. You will be expected to use your notes, worksheets, documents, etc. to “build your case.” You MUST do some outside research in order to build the most convincing case. You MUST find ONE primary or secondary source on your person AND complete the preparation worksheet.
Following our discussion, you will be graded on a paragraph writing assessment based off of the historical figures we have invited to your class to make speeches.
1. STEP 1 – GATHER INFORMATION: Students are expected to review their historical figure, and collect information. You must find ONE primary or secondary source about your person to help you research their accomplishments. This source can be a biography, an autobiography, an interview...
· Your primary / secondary source must be AT LEAST ONE FULL PAGE
· You must HIGHLIGHT and ANNOTATE this source
2. STEP 2 – PARTICIPATE: On the Benchmark day, you will be presenting your historical person to the class in a discussion. You are expected to participate, debate, and discuss. You will be able to use your preparation materials and printed out source; however, you will be more likely to convince your fellow historical personas if you practice! Make sure you are convincing! Make eye contact with your classmates! Speak as if your historical legacy depends on it.
3. STEP 3 – IN-CLASS WRITING: After the discussion, you will be asked to reflect on the outcome of the discussion. This will be a short writing assignment, but it is expected to be well-written and thought out.
· Your preparation materials – 15 points
· Your annotated / highlighted primary OR secondary source – 10 points
· Your performance in the discussion – 20 points
· Your written assessment – 20 points
· You will present your person in a 2 – 3 minute SPEECH and write a final assessment paragraph at a date and time after school of your teacher’s choosing.
· All preparation materials are still due the day you return to school.
Student took an active role in the discussion and helped progress the class activity.
Student was verbally present during the discussion, but was passive in his/her participation.
Student did not participate OR student’s participation did not further the class...

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