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BIBL 105
Exam 1 – Study Guide
The Big Story – Deuteronomy
A. Class Introduction, The Big Story, and the book of Genesis
1. State and explain the three ways we should not look at the Bible?
2. State and explain the one way we should look at the Bible?
3. How does the Bible’s one big story describe God’s redemption?
4. Who is at the center of the Bible’s Big Story?
5. What is the difference between good news and good advice? Which of these two messages
does Jesus come to proclaim?
6. How does a true view of God alter your life?
7. State and briefly describe the three characteristics of God discussed in The Big Story?
8. Based on the way we covered these stories in class, identify which of the following themes/acts (God, Creation, Rebellion, Rescue, Home) the following biblical stories/passages represent:
a. Genesis 3:15
b. The Flood
c. The Red Sea
d. The Tabernacle
e. The Tower of Babel
f. Cain’s murder of Abel
g. God’s promise of land for Abraham and his decedents
9. What are the five main acts/themes of the Bible according to The Big Story?
10. According to Genesis 1, what does God want us to know about ourselves?
11. List the four great events of the book of Genesis.
12. List the four great people of the book of Genesis.
13. List and briefly describe the theories of origin discussed in class.
14. According to the class notes, what is the most important chapter in the book of Genesis?
15. What two things did Satan get Eve to question in tempting her to sin?
16. What were the immediate and ultimate consequences of The Fall?
17. How did Abel die?
18. What is Genesis 3:15 often considered?
19. What is the meaning of the sign of the rainbow? What sign is better than the rainbow and
what does it mean?
20. What were the reasons for building the tower of Babel?
21. What does Noah’s name mean and how does this relate to Genesis 3:15?
22. How is Noah’s character contrasted to the world in which he was living?
23. List the biblical evidence given in class for a universal flood.
24. Based on the life of Enoch, what does it mean to walk with God?
25. What is the birthright and the blessing?
26. How did Jacob receive both the birthright and the blessing?
27. Which of Jacob’s children received the birthright and blessing?
28. Who were Jacob’s two wives?
29. How did Joseph get to Egypt?
30. State and explain what it means to read the Bible morally.
31. State and explain what it means to read the Bible Theologically.
32. What did God promise Abraham in the Abrahamic covenant?
33. What did God reveal to Abraham about the future nation of Israel and their time in Egypt?
34. What is the spiritual significance behind the intended sacrifice of Isaac?
35. How do the opening chapters of Genesis reveal the combination of God’s Judgement and Grace in Genesis.
B. Exodus
36. Where was Moses a shepherd and what two significant events happened while he was a
37. How are the ten commandments divided by relationships?
38. What do we know about the ruling Pharaoh as...

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