Biblical Allusions In Harry Potter Mizzou Religious Studies Essay

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Devin Bennett
Religious Studies 2240
The sad thing about betrayal is that it always comes from a person close to you. A person cannot betray you if they are not close to you. There are many relations between the betrayal of Jesus and the characters in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Betrayal comes from the person you least expect. A close friend who is trusted can be the person to turn on you. Many people betray their friends because they fear something, or they believe they will receive something great if they betray said person. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban shares many biblical allusions that were prominent throughout the story. Betrayal and sacrifice took a great role in the story line of the Bible and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
Betrayal is an act that is shown through one character who does not get held accountable for the betrayal. Peter Pettigrew has betrayed his close friends James, Lily and Sirius. He solely betrayed them to get an advantage in life because he is an opportunist. Peter is ultimately on the wrong side and because he wants to live and change sides, he knows he must give Voldemort something of value. Peter sacrificed James and Lily to Voldemort. He knew Voldemort would soon take over and he did not want to be on the losing side or potentially die. By betraying James and Lily, Voldemort promises to protect Peter.
Peter is an illusion to Judas in the Bible. While at dinner Peter is actually the thirteenth person at the table which represents the Last Supper. James and Lily trusted Peter and were friends with him only to be betrayed due to fear. Judas was a trusted friend of Jesus who was at the Last Supper. He was the first to leave the table to go and betray Jesus. Judas betrayed Jesus to the Romans out of fear and glory for money. Peter also betrayed James and Lily to Voldemort because he was afraid and wanted protection. Both were in attendance to see the person or persons they betrayed die.
An innocent man was wrongfully convicted of a crime. Sirius Black was a trusted friend of James and Lily Potter, he is even Harry Potter’s godfather. When Sirius became aware of the betrayal Peter did, he wanted the same revenge on Pettigrew. Sirius did not partake in the betrayal of James and Lily Potter. Peter was able to frame Sirius for the betrayal, the murder of twelve Muggles and the staged murder of Pettigrew before Sirius could actually accomplish that. Sirius was sent to Azkaban and after twelve years of being in prison, he was the only person to escape. After Sirius escaped he exposed Peter Pettigrew’s betrayal to his old friend Remus Lupin and his godson Harry Potter.
Rubeus Hagrid is a character that is innocently convicted. He is in charge of taking care of magical creatures as the groundskeeper at Hogwarts. For his first class, Hagrid introduced his students to Hippogriffs and one of them was named Buckbeak. Hippogriffs are very temperamental and easily offended. Hag...


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