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Bibliography Essay

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Anton, Annie I., Julia B. Earp, and Jessica D. Young. "How Internet Users' Privacy ConcernsHave Evolved Since 2002." How Internet Users' Privacy Concerns Have Evolved Since 2002 7 (2010): n. pag. NCSU Libraries. Web.In this article, the authors originally conducted a survey in 2002 to see what were the internet users primary concerns and by conducting this survey again in 2008 they concluded that is has not changed even with the creation of new laws and the change in online trends. This is a reliable source because it is not opinion but instead it is based off what consumers are concerned about when ...view middle of the document...

" The Journal on Consumer Affairs 43.3 (2009): n. pag. The American Council on Consumer Interests.In this article, Youn conducted a study that identifies what factors affect young adolescents' level of privacy concern and how these concerns influence their behavioral response to information collection in the internet. My topic is internet privacy and how businesses/companies sell/trade our information therefore violating our privacy. I will use this source to identify what roles these factors play in coming up with ways to educate preteens on how to protect their information.Gellman, Barton, and Laura Poitras. "U.S., British Intelligence Mining Data from Nine U.S. Internet Companies in Broad Secret Program." Washington Post. The Washington Post, 07 June 2013. Web. 07 Apr. 2014.This web article identifies how the U.S. and the British intelligence use their power to press on companies to hand over valuable information about their customers. The National Security Agency program PRISM that is used to mine data and monitor citizens. This information was leaked by a former NSA contractor who is now on the run, since I have read and heard of him in the media I believe this information is true. My topic is internet privacy and how the government is involved in this issue. I will use this source to identify what is the government actually doing to violate its citizens' privacy and if there are anyways to avoid this spying.

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